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April 2007

4-30-2007--Airport Park Takes Off Amidst Fanfare, 2,000 Attend Opening
4-30-2007--SMC Takes Major Stride in Going Green

WHAT I SAY -- Frank Gruber is taking the week off  
4-27-2007--EXCLUSIVE -- School Funding Could Hinge on CFO Speaking Publicly
4-27-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- "It's Your Call: Homelessness in Our Community" Debuts on CityTV
4-27-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Senior Exemption from Measure “S” Parcel Tax

4-26-2007--Council Passes Emergency Ordinance to Halt Wave of SROs
4-26-2007--Young Entrepreneurs Off to a Running Start
4-25-2007--Action Plan for Youth Makes Recent Strides

4-25-2007--New Airport Park Set to Soar
4-25-2007--LA Owners Welcome at New Dog Park Under Pilot Program

4-24-2007--Cameras Rolling at Promenade, Pier

4-24-2007--Man Killed in Mobile Home Park Blast
4-24-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- School District Accepting Applications for the Measure “BB” Advisory Committee

4-23-2007--Virginia Park Fair Fosters Unity

WHAT I SAY -- The Sky is Falling -- Again

4-23-2007--Airport Neighbors Protest Jet Traffic
4-20-2007--Lexus Kicks off Renovated Dealership in Style
4-19-2007--SPECIAL REPORT Housing Wave Raises Concerns
4-19-2007--Body Found Floating Off Pier

4-19-2007--Committee Approves Bill to Toughen Reporting of Sewage Spills
4-18-2007--City Eyes Wi-Fi Provider

4-18-2007--Virtual Tours of Santa Monica a Click Away

4-18-2007--LETTERS -- When Pigs Fly
4-17-2007--Local Officials React to Plan to Turn Pico, Olympic into One-way Streets

4-17-2007--OPINION -- LA City Council Member Bill Rosendahl Reacts to Yaroslavsky's Proposal

4-17-2007--Coroner Identifies Woman Found Dead Near Beach Restroom
4-16-2007--Council Paves Way for Dining on Promenade Street

4-16-2007--Locker Building Demo Marks Start of Beach Club Project
4-16-2007--Downtown Gets Facelift Shop by Shop
4-16-2007--WHAT I SAY -- Getting to the Point to Point
4-13-2007--Strolling Through Downtown's Past
4-13-2007--Ladies of the Club

Council Hikes Bus Fares; Poor, Young Hardest Hit
4-12-2007--Program Reaches Out to Most Hardened Homeless
4-12-2007--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Council Meeting Wrap-Up
City, School Officials Agree on Amount for District Financing
4-11-2007--City Attorney Launches Fair Housing Drive
4-11-2007--LETTERS -- On Board with Bus Fare Hikes
4-10-2007--Make Your Voices Heard on Light Rail, Officials Tell Stakeholders

4-10-2007--Officials Hope New Airport Pollution Bill Will Fly
4-9-2007--Council to Consider Backing State Housing Bills
4-9-2007--WHAT I SAY -- The High Cost of Cheap Bus Fares
4-9-2007--OPINION -- Amendment to Ellis Act Bad Idea

4-9-2007--Council to Consider Backing State Housing Bills
4-9-2007--WHAT I SAY -- The High Cost of Cheap Bus Fares
4-9-2007--OPINION -- Amendment to Ellis Act Bad Idea

4-6-2007--Driver Accused of Killing "A Christmas Story" Director Could Face Deportation
4-6-2007--LETTERS -- Make a New Kind of One-way Street

4-5-2007--Council Could Boost Bus Fares

4-5-2007--City Proposes Tapping Water Under Park
4-4-2007--Workshops Give Santa Monicans a Chance to Help Shape City
4-4-2007--District Schools Must Aim Higher to Hit Target Scores

Plan to House Homeless Veterans Gets Jump Start
4-3-2007--Growing Veteran Population Strains Services
4-3-2007--Cancer Institute Gets Landmark $6.5 Million Grant


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