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October 2005

11-1--City Embarks on Affordable Homeownership Experiment
11-1--OPINION: Prop 76 a Bad Idea
10-31--EXCLUSIVE Emergency Meeting Breaks Parking Gridlock
10-28--City Puts the Brakes on Bundy Campus Parking
10-26--Council Sends Back Parking Plan for Auto Dealers
10-26--EXTRA!!! Fisher to Reopen Shop
10-26--Council to View List of City Manager Candidates
10-25--Homeless Center Seeks New Home
10-25--Auto Club Comes Back Home
10-24--County Officials Put Final Touches on Long-Awaited Homeless Report
10-21--Suspect in Double Homicide Due Back in Court After 18-month Manhunt

10-20--Man on Roof Shuts Down Stretch of Pico
10-20--TORCA Owners Seeking to Occupy Their Units Get Legal Boost

10-19--Kidnapping Suspect Arrested
10-18--Traffic Concerns Sideswipe EIR Debate
10-17--City Aid to Gulf Gets Rolling
10-17--Council Backs $4 million in Downtown Improvements
10-17--Local League Offers Voter Education Services

10-14--Wheels of Fire
10-13--City Boosts Developers’ Fees
10-13--City Undergoes Sex Policy Change

10-11--A Top Performance at Madison Campus
10-11--A Musical Journey to Santa Monica
10-11--Meals On Wheels Continues Rolling Despite Dire Straits

10-11--Planning Downtown’s Future

10-11--City Council Set to Talk Sex

10-10--Major Step for Parking Plan

10-10--AFM Expects Blockbuster Run
10-7--Commission Approves Acupuncture as Home Business
10-7--Gang Czar Proposal Gets Chilly Response
10-6--Two More Shot in Santa Monica

10-6--West Nile Virus Detected in Santa Monica
10-5--Program Helps Teenagers Grow by Helping Others

10-4--Man Fatally Shot Next to Pier

10-3--City Issues Progress Report on Curbing Gang Violence



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