The LookOut
  December 2005

12-23--Top Stories of 2005
12-21--Shriver Pushes Campaign to Target VA Facilities for Homeless Vets
12-20--“Survivors” Speak Out on Gang Violence at Pico Forum
12-19--Veil is Lifted at Main Library
12-16--Council Considers New Homeless Strategies
12-16--Sending the Homeless Home

12-15--Bundy Breakthrough
12-14--One on One with New Mayor Bob Holbrook

12-14--Alabama Town Thankful for Santa Monica’s Help
12-13--Katrina Moms Set Roots in Santa Monica

12-13--Shots Ring Out in Pico Neighborhood
12-13--Couple Charged In S.M. Mail Fraud Scheme
12-12--Downtown Makes Seniors Feel at Home
12-12--Senior Class
12-12--Restaurants Set to Savor Success
12-9--Sneak Preview at Madison Campus
12-8--Former County Supervisor Tapped for Homeless Czar
12-7--No Room at the Inn? Not so in Palisades Park

12-7--It’s a Rap at Samohi
12-6--Tsang New College President
12-6--A Grand Re-opening for Virginia Park 
12-02-05--Samohi Students Show How West Was Won
12-02-05--Contract Fair, Says Donner
12-01_05--SMC Faculty Rejects Contract
12-01-05--Big Blue Bus Pays Tribute to Civil Rights Leader


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