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August 2005

8-30--SPECIAL REPORT City to Shut Off Memorial Park Showers
8-30--Two Shot in Pico Neighborhood
8-29--Oil Companies Driving Up Prices, Local Taxpayer Group Charges
8-29--WHAT I SAY: More Touristic Experiences
8-26--Back-to-School Windfall for Teachers
8-25--Westside Officials Tackle Housing the Homeless
8-25--It’s Party Time on the Santa Monica Pier Thursday Night
8-25--PUBLIC NOTICE: Saint John's Health Center Names New CEO
8-24--Mouse Shuts Down Schatzi in Arnold’s Building

8-24--PETA Considers Action as City Ponders Squirrel Dilemma
8-23--Two Youngsters Shot in Pico Neighborhood
8-23--Dem Coalition Opens Headquarters in Santa Monica
8-23--OPINION: Back to School

8-22--State Test Scores Encouraging but Mixed

WHAT I SAY: (They) Have Guestroom; (We) Will Travel

8-22--HEALTH NEWS: New Tower Saint John's Imaging Offers Outpatient Convenience in High-tech Setting
8-19--College Shuttle Moves to Beach
8-19--UPDATE: Santa Monica Crosses Mowed Down in Texas

8-18--City Seeks Funds to Boost Security
8-18--Police Tips to Protect Against Terrorism
8-18--It's Swing Time on the Pier Thursday Night
8-16--Bearing Crosses for Peace

8-16--Police Search for Bank Robbers
8-16--Always a Starry Night at SMC Planetarium
8-15--Pier Goers Weigh in on Possible Terrorist Threat
WHAT I SAY: Frank Gruber is on vacation
8-12--Council Tackles Safety, Legal Fees and Hedges
8-11--EXTRA!!! Police Boost Anti-Terrorist Measures on Pier After Suspicious Videtaping
8-11--Mall Owners Seek to Put Redevelopment Plans on Hold
8-11--Pier Goes South of the Border Thursday Night

8-10--Homeless Agencies Strapped After County Authority Fails to Pay
8-10--No Butts About It: City Launches Campaign to Curb Smoking on the Beach

8-9--Garbage Fleet Working Overtime After Last Week’s Blaze
8-9--EXCLUSIVE: No More Free Lunch for Outdoor Meal Programs under Holbrook Plan
8-8--HEALTH NEWS: Women Should Take These Symptoms to Heart
8-5--Ladies, Start Your Engines
8-5--WHAT I SAY: Graciousness and Theory
8-5--EXTRA!!! Fire Depletes City’s Garbage Fleet
8-4--PART I: Santa Monica Architect Hank Koning Talks About His New Role as Planning Commissioner
8-4--PART II: Architect Hank Koning on Architecture, Planning and His Vision for Santa Monca
8-4--Man Kills Himself After Stabbing Former Wife

8-4--A Diamond in the Rough and A Beautiful Day at the Pier Thursday Night
8-3--Santa Monica, Environmentalists Go to Court Over Playa Vista Expansion
8-3--City, College Officials Eye Each Other Warily

EXTRA!!! McCarthy to Retire as City Manager

8-2--Drive-In Series Kicks off with “Back to the Future”
8-1--Tourists Spend Time and Money Downtown
8-1--WHAT I SAY: Why I Love Local Politics and Why I Don't

8-1--New Carts Hit Promenade This Fall
8-1--Part I: City Begins Major Shift in Homeless Policies
8-2--Part II: On the Frontlines



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