The LookOut


October 2004

10-30--EXTRA!!! Feinstein Hit with "Trash" Mailer
10-30--LETTERS: Bloom on College Bond and CEPS Grades Don’t Add Up
PART I: The Cost of Code Enforcement
PART II: The Roots of Controversy
PART III: Council Weighs in on Code Enforcement
10-29--MUSIC: Creatures, Elvis Impersonators and Strawbs: It’s Halloween in Clubland on the Westside

10-29--Candidates, Interest Groups Reap Fruits of Fundraising

10-28--Council Distributes Control Over General Plan
WHAT I SAY: The College Bond and the College Board

WHAT I SAY: Council Candidates: The SMRR Challengers
10-28--WHAT I SAY: Council Candidates: The Independent Challengers
WHAT I SAY: City Council Candidates: The Chamber Challengers
10-26--WHAT I SAY: City Council Candidates: The Four Incumbents
Chamber Candidates
SMRR Candidates
Independent Candidates

10-26--Independent Groups Push for Change at City Hall
10-26--LETTERS: Misleading Voters and Family Support

10-25--EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious Mailers Toe Legal Line
WHAT I SAY:They're Fighting City Hall and City Hall is Fighting Back
10-20--Disabilities Rights Activist Dies

10-20--WHAT I SAY: What, Me Worry?
10-20--LETTERS: Gangs and CEPS

10-19--Shriver, Katz Mailer Sparks Controversy
10-18--Who's the Most Independent? Candidates Spar for the Coveted Label

10-18--Birth of a Shopping Mecca
10-18--LETTERS: CEPS Bullies and Flash & Dash

10-18--WHAT I SAY: Guide from the Perplexed

10-15--MUSIC: Through Humorous Music and Serious Spoken Word, Politics Is the Theme This Week on the Westside

10-15--Kennedy Stumps for Nephew
10-15--Chamber Forum a Rally for the Insiders

10-15--PTA Backs Local Ballot Measures
10-15--LETTERS: Feinstein Misrepresents Record and CEPS Should Do Homework
10-14--Owners Keep Promenade in Local Hands

10-14--Take Two

10-14--A Man for All Season

10-13--EXTRA!!! Council Reverses Course on Hedges
10-13--LETTERS: Stretching the Truth, Big Mistake and Thanks
10-12--CEPS Gives Eight Council Candidates Passing Grades, Fails Feinstein
10-12--Planning Commission Preps for Launch of Land Use Update

10-12--City Hauls Towing Companies to Court
10-12--Police Search for Burglary Suspect
10-11--Pier Merchants Back Three Council Candidates

10-11--Hospital Dedication Ushers in New Era

WHAT I SAY: Gangs? What Gangs?

10-11--Dolphin Banks Collect Thousands for Low-Income Healthcare Provider

10-11--Draft Plan to End Homelessness

10-8--Letters: The Dinosaurs at City Hall
10-7--MUSIC: Three Variations on Latin Folk Music Opens the Fall Semester for UCLA Live! McCabe’s Books an Incredible String Band

10-7--City Officials Embrace "Regional" Approach to Homeless

10-6--Frustrated Parents Boo Police and School Officials at Community Meeting

10-6--Shriver Leads Fundraising Race
10-6--CEPS Endorses Two Incumbents, Malibu Resident

10-5--School Board Candidates Lay Out Positions on Disenfranchised Students

10-5--Chamber Cancels Candidate Luncheon Over Campaign Concerns

10-4--Financial Issues Divide College Board Candidates
10-1--Community Forum in Wake of Pico Violence Set for Monday
10-1--Correction to Community Forum Story
Is North Korea Bush's Poland? Is Traffic Improving?

10-1--Guitar Shorty’s Long Career is on Display at Harvelle’s Miles Lives (through Wallace Roney) at The Jazz Bakery

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