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May 2004

5-31--Transient Stabbed on Beach
5-28--Council Weighs in on Department Budgets; Criticizes Planning
5-28--MUSIC: Summertime Brings Blues and More to the Westside

5-27--EXTRA!!! Foundation Brings Hope to Stalled Beach Club
5-27--Major Cuts Spared Under Proposed Budget
5-27--Santa Monica Beaches Get Mixed Grades

EXTRA!!! Appeals Court Strikes Down Anti-Harassment Provision

5-26--LETTERS: Plenty of Questions for District
5-25--Beach Smoking Ban Proposed Statewide
5-25--Transients Nabbed in Separate Burglaries

5-24--Planning Commission Approves Recommendations to Stem Restaurant Exodus
5-24--WHAT I SAY: How to Have Clout in Santa Monica

5-24--LETTERS: Cute but Dangerous and “A Non-Deadly Solution”
5-24--HEALTH NEWS: Newborns and Jaundice
5-21--Fence Saga Likely Ends
5-21--GRAND OPENING!!! The Ultimate Healing Experience
5-21--MUSIC: The Rock Stars Come Out as Rusty’s Hangs 10; Hepcat Prowls Malibu; and J.J. Cale Calls on McCabe’s
5-21--City Sues Owners for Harassment Campaign
5-20--Council Moves to Retain Public Input, Set Design Standards

5-18--LETTERS: Don’t Scapegoat Squirrels and “Well Done”

5-19--Planning Commission to Take Up Task Force Recommendations

5-19--City Unveils “Cautiously Optimistic” Budget
5-18--Developers, City Eye Lumberyard Site

5-18--Man Arrested for Handgun
5-17--Gnawing Problem

WHAT I SAY: Bully Bully Bully
5-14--City Council Extends Public Review for Downtown Projects
5-14--Beyond the Promenade
5-14--Anti-Islamic Slurs Scrawled on Wall

5-14--MUSIC: Music Education is the Theme for This Week’s Westside Shows

5-14--LETTERS: Time for Malibu to Step Up to the Plate
5-14--CLARIFICATION in "Funding for Youth Center in Jeopardy"

5-13--City Eyes Downtown Properties for Parking
5-13--LETTERS: Rank Intimidation and Schoolyard Bullies
5-12--EXTRA!!! School Funding Agreement Scales Final Hurdle 5-12--Homeless Laws Get Mixed Results
5-12--Downtown Competitors Up the Ante

5-12--BAYSIDE BUSINESS: Looking Back
5-12--LETTERS: The Traffic Equation

School Funding Vote May Be too Close to Call
5-11--Funding for Youth Center in Jeopardy 
5-12--Man Assaulted by Transients
5-12--Man Sought for Indecent Exposure Near School
5-11--City Sues over $66 Million Legal Bill

WHAT I SAY: My New Hero

5-10--HEALTH NEWS: Bearing Children Later in Life
5-8--Midnight Special’s Final Hour

5-7--EXTRA!!! CEPS, School Board Support School Funding Agreement; Ballot Measure Unlikely
5-6--Residents Air Concerns About New College Campus
5-7--MUSIC: Latino Punk, an Operatic Robeson Tribute and a White Bluesman
5-6--Traffic Out of Control, Residents Warn
5-6--EXTRA!!! City, District Officials Agree on School Funding Compromise
5-6--Terms of Proposed Agreement
5-5--City’s New Urban Designer Talks Shop

5-4--LETTERS: Where There’s Smoke…

5-5--NEWS FLASH Man Wounded in Pico Neighborhood Shooting
5-5--Negotiated School Funding Agreement Imminent
5-4--SMC Moves Forward with Plans for New Satellite Campus
5-4--OPINION: Shining the Light on Foster Care
5-3--WHAT I SAY: We Must Remember This... and That
5-3--Clearing up the Smoking Ban

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