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January 2004

1-30--Tenants to Pay Back Rent Decreases After Court Ruling
1-30--Text of Appeals Court Decision

1-30--LETTERS: Great Expectations
1-29--Council Weighs Budget Priorities
1-29--LETTERS: Hand Wringing, Keep a Good Thing Getting Better and Support the Samohi Choir
1-28--Homeless Plan Gets Mixed Reviews
1-28--District Faces New Round of Budget Cuts, Deasy Warns

1-28--Deasy's Analysis of the Governor's Proposed Budget

1-27--SPECIAL REPORT: A Tale of Two Schools
1-27--Newman’s Own: An All-Star Tribute to America’s Favorite Songsmith
1-27--LETTERS: Misinformed for a Purpose and Transforming the "Ugly Stepchild"

1-26--Public Gets Chance to Air Budget Priorities
WHAT I SAY: No Time Like the Present

1-24--EXTRA!!! School Board Shoots Down Plan to Explore Shutting Down Olympic High
1-23--Downtown Gets High Marks in Survey
1-23--LETTERS: Policy Will Dampen, not Kill, Desire to Give
1-23--Crime Drops to Lowest Level in 40 years
1-23--LETTERS: Feinstein Corrects Record and Beyond Hypocrisy
1-22--Nuts and Bolts of Gift Policy Worry Art Advocates
1-22--Trash Talk Wearies Council
1-22--LETTERS: It Would Take a Mitzvah, Speaking for Frustrated Citizens and A Privilege not a Tax
1-21--EXTRA!!! Councilman did not Violate Charter, Court Rules

1-21--Text of Appeals Court Decision

1-21--Seaview Fence Must Come Down, Planning Rules

1-21--LETTERS: Grossly Inaccurate and “What’s Wrong with This Picture?”

1-20--Council Race Luring Strong, Crowded Field

1-20--OPINION: The Price of Being Dense

WHAT I SAY: $200,000 SUV's, An Exceptional Appointment, and Quake Memories

1-19--Parents Assured Students Safe from Criminals
1-19--LETTERS: One-sided, Inflammatory Article and Lookout Should Take Closer Look

1-16--Man Shot in Pico Neighborhood

1-16--Council Appoints Prominent Architect to Planning Commission
1-16--Meet Planning Commissioner Pugh
1-15--City Failed to Secure Farmers Market, Claim Alleges
1-14--Large Judgment in Market Case Could Have Budget Impacts
1-14--USC Report Confirms Planning Department Woes

1-13--Bayside Included in Market Claim

1-13--Green Party Takes Feinstein to Small Claims Court
1-13--Rent Board Overhauls Regulation
1-12--EXCLUSIVE Malibu Schools Leave Santa Monica’s Far Behind in Fundraising

1-12--CHART: Donatons to District Schools Ranked by Per-Student Contribution
1-12--Pumps, Tanks and Stairs
WHAT I SAY: We Must Remember That

1-11--Police Recover Pound of Pot During Search

1-9--Major Firm to File Claim in Farmers Market Tragedy
1-9--Meeting Up with Dean

1-8--City Faces New Challenges, Economist Warns
1-8--Economic Forecast: Scattered Clouds
1-8--Hotel Operators Keep Fingers Crossed
1-8--The Man Behind the Scenes
1-7--EXTRA!!! Group Files Measure for Council School Funding
1-7--Weller Pleads Not Guilty
1-6--Skate Park on the Fence
1-5--Elderly Driver Charged with Manslaughter
1-5--Man Robs Bank, Flees
1-5--WHAT I SAY: Not a Year for None of the Above

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