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September 2003

9-30--Man Shot Near Broadway
9-30--Suspect Tied to String of Westside Burglaries
9-30--OPINION: McKeown Weighs in on Recall -- "No Is Not Enough"

9-30--Inspectors Turn up No Smoke
9-3--Police Nab Jewel Thieves, Recover $100,000 worth of Valuables
9-29--WHAT I SAY: Errors Typographical and Otherwise
9-29--OPINION: Locally Elected Officials Are Key to SMC's High Standards
9-29--LETTERS: SMC Style Deplorable and League Responds to Green Candidate

9-26--Burglary Suspects Arrested
9-25--Council Wrap up: Homeless, Youth and Oil
9-25--Market Savings
9-25--Deasy Scores High Marks, Turns Down Bonus
9-25--LETTERS: Amazing Lack of Public Outcry
9-25--OPINION: Gifts
9-24--Memories for Posterity
9-24--OPINION: Time to Govern SMC Democratically
9-24--LETTERS: "Sit up and Take Notice" and "Evicted by Greedy Landlords"
9-23--PNA Incumbents Ousted in Surprise Takeover
9-23--High Schools to Open Student Rolls to Military
9-22--Pier Pressure
9-22--WHAT I SAY: Swinging and Swaying

9-20--MUSIC REVIEW: Roots at Royce

EXTRA!!! Low-income Project Clears Final Hurdle
9-18--SMC Board Seeks Applicants for Vacant Seat
9-18--Police to Set up Temporary Shop This Weekend
9-18--LETTERS: When Is It Going to Stop?
9-17--SMC Board Slashes Jobs, Offers Compromise
9-17--A Taste of Santa Monica on the Pier
9-16--Proposed Downtown Design Standards Get Mixed Reviews
9-15--SPECIAL REPORT  History in a Box: Commies, Causeways and Call Girls

9-15--WHAT I SAY--What Becomes a Neighborhood Most
9-15--LETTERS -- Genser on Council Vote: No Sense Paying More for Less

9-13--Court Decision Paves Way for Enforcement of Feeding Law
9-12--Hundreds Attend Funeral of 19-year-old Shooting Victim
9-12--Santa Monica Remembers 9/11
9-12--Speech Delivered by Santa Monica Fire Chief Ettore Berardinelli
9-12--Police Dog Sniffs Out Burglar
9-11--Council Dumps Meeting Room from Parking Structure
9-11--Council Hammers Out Promenade Recommendations
9-11--Bubba Gump Gets Council Go-ahead
9-11--Events to Remember September 11
9-10--Yale Street Trees Get Reprieve from Ax
9-10--Evidence not Enough to Charge Suspect in Pico Shooting

9-10--Chamber Honors Those Who Aided in Farmers Market Tragedy
9-10--LETTERS: Letter to Santa Monica from Farmers Market Victim
9-9--Police Arrest Suspect in Carter's Killing
9-9--LETTERS: Tips for Parents: Starting the New School Year Right
9-8--Downtown Noise Gets Hearing
9-8--WHAT I SAY: Exigencies of Life

9-6--SPECIAL REPORT Street Mojo
9-6--Building Holiday Traditions
9-6--A Mixed Bag for Retailers

9-5--Commission Delays Vote on "Mini-hotels"
9-5--LETTERS: An Ill-considered Travesty
9-4--ARB Vote Invalidated
9-4--OPINION: Iraqi Children are Harmed by the Environmental Legacy of War
9-3--Pico Shooting Marks Year's First Homicide
9-3--Chamber Raises more than $140,000 for Market Victims
9-3--Landlord Pleads No Contest to Child Discrimination, Tenant Harassment
9-3--District Test Scores Show Dramatic Gains, Especially Among Minorities

WHAT I SAY: Plan Check
9-2--Pico Center Staves off Eviction

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