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October 2003

10-31--NEWS ALERT--Man Posing as Officer Kidnaps, Molests Girls
DA Drops Feinstein Case; Concludes no Wrongdoing
10-30--Council Tackles Homeless Issues
10-30--Man Stabbed During Robbery

10-29--Cars and Food Help Boost Taxable Sales
10-29--Former CEO Battles Tenant Harassment Charges
10-28--Council Members Battle Burning the Midnight Oil
10-28--LETTERS: Begging to Differ
10-27--City Services Lure More Homeless, Chamber Contends

10-27--WHAT I SAY: Santa Monica: Population 85,000 Plus Two
10-24--Feinstein Loses Bid for Seat on Powerful Board
10-24--LETTERS: Union Dues and Don'ts
10-24--Shots Fired in Pre-dawn Robbery
 10-23--More Housing, Jobs for Homeless, Report Indicates
10-23--OPINION: Sustainable City Program -- Mandate or Dream?
10-23--LETTERS: Feeling Threatened, Skate more Mike and "We are With You"
10-22--City Commuter Woes Lessened by the Blues

10-22--Endgame for Suspected Drug Smuggler
10-22--OPINION: Feinstein's Reasons for Running for Air Quality Governance Board
10-21--Local Strikers Brace for Prolonged Battle
10-20--Planning Manager to Leave Post
10-20--Planning Commission Revisits Disclosure Procedures

10-20--WHAT I SAY: Got Them Old Target Metaphor Blues Again
10-20--LETTERS: Thanks, a Quiz and One of a Kind
10-17--Measure for Measure
10-16--Field no Longer a Dream
10-16--LETTERS: Bold Initiative, Thanks Joe and Room for Stupidity
10-15--Council Explores Tackling Youth Violence with Jobs
10-15--LETTERS: Catching up on the Mail
10-15--LETTERS: More Mail -- Union Politics and Disenfranchised
10-15--OPINION: Santa Monicaís Finest: Twenty years in the Making
10-13--The Weight of Pushing Tin
10-12--Shooting Arrests Still Pending
10-12--Councilman Seeks Jobs for Youths

10-12--WHAT I SAY: Running the Numbers

10-10--Santa Monica Voters Buck the Trend
10-10--Adding Perspectives
10-10--The Ups and Downs of Summer
10-9--Joe Henry at the Getty
10-8--A New Day Dawning
10-8--Legal status of a Playhouse
10-8--Total Recall Gives Arnold Victory
10-8--LETTERS:Kudos and Education not Indoctrination
10-7--EXTRA!!! New Fire Chief for Santa Monica
10-7--OPINION-- A Green Perspective: Why Iím Voting "No" on the Recall but "Yes" on Future Reform

10-7--LETTERS: Condescending Words, Disturbing Opinions and Setting the Record Straight

10-6--More than 400 Protest Candidate's Treatment of Women
WHAT I SAY: Retail Santa Monica: Furniture, Chocolate, and Politics

10-5--Tenants 2, Landlords 0 after First Rent Board Hearings under New Regulation
10-5--LETTERS: Who is We and Get a Grip, Kip

10-4--Vandals Strike Home of Animal Services Head
10-4--OPINION: McKeown Hitches Wagon to Conservative Republicans

10-4--LETTERS: California's Nader, Thanks and Kudos

10-3--College Board Okays New Hires, Maintains Layoffs

10-3--OPINION: California is in Trouble and Arnold is the Answer

10-3--OPINION: Partisan Recall Jeopardizes Stability, Values

10-1--Serial Burglar Claimed more than 40 Victims
10-1--Man Stabbed at Pier
10-1--LETTERS: Hope McKeown Paid, Thanks for the Truth and Gruber Misses Point
10-1--MORE LETTERS: Shattering Democratic Values and "Who's in Charge?"

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