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May 2003

5-31--From Less paper to Longer Waits, Proposed Budget Impacts Will be Felt Across the Board
5-31--LETTERS: Grammar Patrol and Thoughts on Measure S
5-30--Council Gets Initial Look at Scaled-back Budget
5-30--OPINION: School District Financial Management and Measure S
5-30--LETTERS: Shameful Tripe, Grammar Lesson and S Lets off “Sinfully Rich”
5-29--Police Make Two More Arrests
5-29--LETTERS: Embarrassing, Negative Tone and No More Spin
5-29--MORE LETTERS: Political Reasons and Do the Math
5-29--MUSIC REVIEW: Queer as Folk: Musical Satire Becomes an Art at the Getty
 5-28--End of the Road for City’s ATM Law
5-28--OPINION: Measure S Not Real Answer

5-28--LETTERS: Triumphs and Tragedies & Where there’s Smoke
5-27--WHAT I SAY: You Think We've Got Problems
5-26--Upscale Facelift Planned for Santa Monica Place

 5-26--Showdown Over Center Court
5-26--WHAT I SAY: Five Thousand Word Equivalent
5-26--Message from Superintendent John E. Deasy
5-26--LETTERS: It’s About the Kids, S Helps the Poor, Ditto and Not Funny
5-24--Community Unites to Stop the Violence
5-24--Police Arrest Four in Pico Neighborhood Shooting Spree

5-24--"Celebrate America" Back On
5-23--Council Airs Views on Views

5-23--LETTERS: Prop S Feeds Bottomless Money Pit and Dear President Gore
5-23--MORE LETTERS: Reasons to Vote for S
5-22--EXTRA!!! Gangs Blamed for More Gunfire in Pico Neighborhood
5-22--LETTERS: A Mother’s Plea -- Stop the Violence
5-22--Council Doesn’t Bluff with New Law
5-22--Eight Samohi Students Arrested for Vandalism
5-22--OPINION: Measure S is Smart Return on Investment
5-21--Design Board Tweaks Affordable Housing Project

5-21--Residents Fight to Save Old Courtyard Bungalows
5-21--OPINION: Misrepresentations, Distortions and Lies
5-21--LETTERS: Same Old Story and Grammar Police
5-20--Bracing for the Worst of Times5-20--Gunfire Breaks Out in Troubled Pocket of Pico Neighborhood
5-20--LETTERS: Dear Mr. President, No Beauty Contest and Not About the Money
5-19--Affordable Housing Project Returns to ARB
5-19--OPINION: Open Letter to President Bush
5-17--Governor’s Latest Budget Still Leaves Local Schools $13 Million in the Hole
5-16--Gloves Off in Parcel Tax Debate
5-16--College Board Slashes Programs, Jobs
5-16--LETTERS: Taxing Taxes, Unfair Taxes
5-15--MUSIC REVIEW: The Delta Blues Meets the Sepulveda Pass as David Johansen & The Harry Smiths Play the Getty

5-15--McDonald’s Project Hits Roadblock
5-15--Council Helps Strike Up Band, Rekindle Fireworks
5-15--Fees, Fees and More Fees 
5-14--Felon Charged with Murder of Santa Monica Woman

5-14--OPINION: Not All Taxes are Bad!
5-13--Feinstein Defies State Party’s Call to Step Down
5-13--Light Rail Clears First Stop

5-12--EXTRA!!! Midnight Special Finds New Home Downtown
5-12--LETTERS: False and Misleading & Democracy Sacked, Raped and Looted

5-12--Temporary Library Opens Monday

5-12--Booking a Space During Library Construction

5-9--City Not to Pay for Delays, Judge Rules
5-8--Home Sweet Home?
5-7--Mayor Hopes to Save Fireworks

5-7--LETTERS: Grudges Taint Truth and “Nothing Left”
5-7--New Hotel Hopes to Thrive on Vibes

5-6--City Files Tenant Harassment Suit

5-6--Man Robbed in Sunset Park

5-5--Designs for Success

5-5--BAYSIDE BUSINESS: Promenade Posts Record Sales
5-5--WHAT I SAY: Madison Site, etc.
5-5--LETTERS: “Green Party Shenanigans” and “I was not Removed”
5-5--MORE LETTERS: “Shared Sacrifice” Needed at SMC

5-2--College Administrators Reject Concessions

5-1--Mr. McCloud Goes to Washington

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