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June 2003

6-30--“Sobering Center” Gets Mixed Response
6-30--Police Crack Down on Drunk Drivers
6-30--WHAT I SAY: Seduced by Parking
6-30--OPINION: Democracy's Price

6-27--Council Revisits Old RAND Buildings
6-27--OPINION: Road to Baghdad
6-27--LETTERS: Thank You for Your Support
6-26--Council Weighs in On State Budget Woes
6-26--Pick of the Week: Preservation Hall Jazz Band

6-25--Teachers File Suit Against College
6-24--AFM to Host Two Festivals
6-24--Gruning takes Reins at Chamber; Gabriels Honored for Lifetime Achievement
6-23--Bubba Gump Building Clears First Hurdle
6-23--WHAT I SAY: Paying for Squeaky Wheel Government
6-23--LETTERS: Be Accountable to Residents, Reappoint Olsen
6-20--What's Happening in There? Planning Commission Wants to Know
6-20--LETTERS: Highly Paid Critics and Showing Priorties
6-19--Council Helps Salvage Mounted Unit, Symphony, Fireworks; Starts Preparing for Retirement
6-19--Council Boosts District Funding
6-18--School Advocates Rally to Double City Funding
6-18--Main Street Housing Project Gets Go-ahead; Appeal Likely
6-18--MORE LETTERS -- California’s Biggest Spender
6-17--City Budget Woes Expected to Worsen
6-16--Police, Fire Departments Trim Budgets
6-16--OPINION: The Case for Increased City Support for the Public Schools

6-16--LETTERS: “Shame on you, Mr. Zane!” and “We Must Keep Searching”
6-16--WHAT I SAY: Don't Spend it All in One Place
6-13--New Police Contract Costs City $800,000 in Upcoming Fiscal Year
6-13--Police Arrest Two in Last Week’s Shooting
6-13--OPINION: Planning for Success, Preparing for Shortfalls
6-11--Council Encourages Outdoor Dining
6-11--LETTERS: No Place for Smart Tourists and Council’s Turn to Ante Up
6-10--Finding Reasons for Al Fresco Dining a Breeze
6-10--Relishing Life
6-10--LETTERS: What the Chumash Elder Said and Time for Action
6-9--SMC Faculty Votes No Confidence in Administration

6-9--Reservations About Summer
6-9--WHAT I SAY: It's Only Money
6-9--An Open Letter to the Santa Monica City Council -- Education Doesn't Look Like Your Top Priority
6-7--Small Plane from Santa Monica Airport Crashes in LA; Two Dead
6-6--Happy Ending to Act One as Playhouse Meets Fundraising Goal
6-6--An Open Letter from the Board of Education to the Residents of Santa Monica and Malibu  
EXTRA!!! Measure S Wins with Flurry of Last-minute Absentee Votes
6-6--Shots Fired Again in Pico Neighborhood
6-5--Measure S May not be Decided Until Next Week
6-5--Roche Sisters Mix the Silly and the Serious at Long-Awaited Return to McCabe’s
6-4--EXTRA!!! Measure S Wins by 17 Votes; Outstanding Ballots Will Determine Final Result
6-4--Another Nail-biter as Clock Ticks Towards Midnight
6-4--Parks, Arts, Services Hard Hit by Proposed Cuts
6-4--OPINION: Can We Send This Order Back? It’s Not Well Done
6-3--It’s a World Music Festival This Summer On the Santa Monica Pier
6-3--How Long is too Long?
6-3--LETTERS: Put Differences Aside

6-2--Homestretch for Measure S: Turnout Key for School Parcel Tax
6-2--WHAT I SAY: The New Nihilism
6-2--LETTERS: Facts or Fabrications & Funding not the Problem
6-2--LETTERS: Schools’ Accomplishments Impressive; In Jeopardy Without Measure S

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