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July 2003

7-31--City Loses Arts Czar; May Leave Position Unfilled
7-31--Sunset, Sea, Sand, Salsa and Soukous in Santa Monica as Global Rhythms Rock the Pier
7-30--Tenant Wins First Hearing under New Regulation
7-30--UPDATE Hearing Examiner's Conclusion in Noonan Case
7-29--LETTERS: Good Riddance and Where Will They Go?
7-29--Head of Community Corp Honored with Grant
7-28--Four Points to Hold "Card Check" Election
7-28--Neighborhood Group Vows to Fight Homeless Center
7-28--WHAT I SAY: Since I've Been Gone
7-28--LETTERS: Let Homeless Center Work

7-25--Funding for Community Colleges Could Be Cut off, Controller Warns

7-24--Santa Monica Mourns One Week After Market Tragedy
7-24--Council Gets Earful on Noise
7-24--Dark Star Orchestra Tonight at the Twilight Dance Series on the Pier
7-22--City Prevails over Pilots
7-22--Meet Terry O'Day, Planning Commissioner
7-22--Life Goes on in the Shadow of Tragedy
7-21--WHAT I SAY: The World of Matter
7-19--EXTRA!!! Police Search Bank Records at Center of Green Party Controversy
7-18--Santa Monica Copes with Tragedy

7-18--Hundreds Give Blood to Victims
7-17--LETTERS -- Out-of-town Readers Weigh In: Callous Coverage and My Miracle
7-18--Planning Commission Approves Draft Noise Ordinance

7-18--Death Toll Rises to 10
7-18--UPDATED Victims Identified
7-17--EXTRA!!! Santa Monica Man Kills 9, injures nearly 50, when Car Plows Through Market 
7-15--Landlord Pleads Not Guilty

7-15--College Board Casts Vote of Confidence for President

7-15--Suspect Arrested in Lincoln Boulevard Fire
 7-15--Halt New Landing Fees for Jets, FAA tells City
7-14--Commission Laments Olsen's "Loss;" Frick Defends Department
7-14--Planning Director Suzanne Frick's Statement to the Planning Commission
7-14--WHAT I SAY: Old Dog, New Trick
7-14--LETTERS: TORCA Funds Still Available and Cheers for Roundabout
7-12--EXTRA!!! After 5 Years Homeless Shelter Finds a Home
7-11--Council Explores Local Election Reforms
7-11--Controlling Anger
7-10--Sight and Sound
7-10--Ready for the Close-up
7-9--A Good Night for Businesses and Students
7-9--EXTRA!!! Olsen's Bid for Reappointment Fails

7-9--LETTERS: "A Countervailing Power" and "Self-serving Hypocrites"
7-8--Mr. Rubin Goes to Washington

7-8--Suspect Arrested after Palisades Park Stabbing
7-8--LETTERS: Olsen Conflicted on Appeals
7-7--Turning Down the Noise
7-7--WHAT I SAY: Parking Schizophrenia
7-7--LETTERS: Schmoozing for Money, Traffic Circle Works and Out with the Old
7-4--Low-Income Housing Project Appealed

7-4--LETTERS: Traffic Circle a Win-Win
7-3--Olsen’s Reappointment Stirs up Political Storm
7-3--LETTERS: Roundabout Strikes Best Balance
7-2--Residents Organize to Turn Down the Noise
7-2--MUSIC: The Sounds of Hawai’i Arrive on the Pier Thursday Night with “Aloha Alive”
7-2-LETTERS:Throwing Money at Non Problems and A Wonderful Idea
7-1--Commission Charges Living Wage Foes with Deception

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