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February 2003

2-28--Midnight Special Closes Chapter
2-28--Tears and Hope at Birthday Vigil for Missing Woman
2-28--Prop A Backers, Opponents Square Off
2-28--LETTERS: Balancing Competing Interests and City Budget Woes Relative

2-27--City Budget Woes Worsen

2-27--LETTERS: Not a Green Office and Talk of the City
2-26--EXTRA!!! Police Release Sketch of Man Wanted in Case of Missing Woman
2-26--National Greens Discuss Growth
2-25--OPINION: A Transplant's Perspective on the Beauty of Santa Monica and Proposition A
2-25--Freudian Hip: The Varied Sounds of David Thomas
2-24--Proponents Charge Fraud Defeated Living Wage
2-24--WHAT I SAY -- Tough on Lefties
2-22--OPINION: Prevent the School Budget Calamity
2-21--School Board Gives Okay to Slash 200 Jobs
2-21--Landmark Campaign Kicks off
2-20--Hotel Settles Labor Charges but Remains Staunch on Key Issue
2-20--OPINION: Orwellian Left Toying with Language

2-19--Homeless Hit by Service Cuts Get Reprieve from New Laws
2-19--Police Search for Missing Woman
2-18--LETTERS: Don't Equate Majority with Morality and War is War
2-18--Promenade Plans Still in Flux
2-18--OPINION: Rent Control By Any Other Name Still Won’t Work
2-17--Board Okays Rent Hikes for Tenants who Don't Live in Units

2-17--WHAT I SAY -- War, Peace and Tourism
2-15--MUSIC REVIEW: Daniel Lanois 'Shines' in Rare Performance at Temple Bar
2-14--Planning Commission Approves New Library
2-14--Council Bans Smoking in Parks
2-13--Council Takes Stance Against War
2-13--Power Outage Shuts Down City Hall
2-13--OPINION: Message in a Bottle
2-13--LETTERS: Feinstein's Statement not True and Prove You're Progressive
2-12--Projecting the Future
2-12--AFM Hits Town
2-12--The Name Above the Marquee
2-11--Council to Consider Stance on War
2-10--EXCLUSIVE Feinstein Dismisses Allegations, Says "Law is Being Followed"
2-10--WHAT I SAY -- Progressive is as Progressive Does
2-7--LETTERS: Dispatch from Baghdad and Racist Views
2-6--SPECIAL REPORT: The Rising Price of Protection

2-6--Santa Monica Resident Charged with Espionage
2-6--LETTERS: It's Up to You and Me and End "Free Ride" for Malibu
2-5--EXTRA!!! FBI Arrests Man Reported to be "Korean Spy"
2-5--Justice Fighter's Sudden Death Shocks City

2-4--Fairy Tale Ending to Act One

2-3--How Progressive is Santa Monica?
2-3--Transcript of Comments by Judge David Finkel and Former City Attorney Robert Myers
WHAT I SAY: Take this Job, Seriously, and Let's Let the Good Times Roll Down Lonely Avenue
2-3--LETTERS: Insulting Charges Unfounded
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