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August 2003

8-28--Public Gets First Glimpse of Long-awaited Facility
8-28--Foster Care and Recycling among Issues Council Tackles
8-28--Council Designates Beach House a Landmark
8-27--Art for Art’s Sake

8-27--State-of-the-art Public Safety Facility to be Unveiled
8-26--Body Found on Beach Identified
8-26--Pier Gets Ready to Rumble
8-25--Planning Commission Cautiously Approves Audit
8-25--WHAT I SAY: He has met the Enemy and he is him
8-25--LETTERS: Tiresome Finger Pointing, Naming Names and Disgusted by Corruption
8-22--Planning Commission Approves Alcohol Permits for Union Hotel
8-21--EXCLUSIVE Police Investigate Plan to Derail Project
8-21--Oldies by ‘The Great Pretenders’ Take a Trip Down Memory Lane at the Santa Monica Pier
8-20--Butts Addresses Violence in Public Housing; Blames Media for Perception
8-20--LETTERS: Forbidding Contact and Balancing Needs
8-19--Body Washes Ashore
8-19--Driver Takes Wrong Turn onto Promenade
8-19--A Scrumdiddlyumptious Night on the Pier
8-18--Supreme Court Rules Against Tenants
8-18--Center Offers Tips for Elderly Drivers
8-18--WHAT I SAY: Recall Me Anything but Late for Sausages

8-15--Santa Monican Makes Recall Ballot
8-15--LETTERS: Heavy Metals and The Wacky Utopian Left
8-14--Council Approves Compromise Plan for Homeless Facility
8-14--OPCC on Council Vote: "A Workable Compromise"
8-14--PNA on Council Vote: "A Significant Achievement"
8-13--Alt-rock en Español Thursday Night on the Pier
8-13--Pico Center May Be Forced to Close Doors
EXTRA!!! Council to Explore Alternative Plan for OPCC Facility
8-12--Giant Shark Warning
8-12--LETTERS: Enough is Enough
8-11--Feinstein Investigation in DA's Hands
8-11--Council Could Decide Fate of Homeless Facility Tuesday
8-11--WHAT I SAY: Lies, Damned Prevarications, and More Damned Distortions
8-11--LETTERS: Missing Moyle, Equating Homeless with Toxic Waste and Fearful Unions
8-8--Moyle Resigns from Plnning Commission
8-8--Moyle's Letter of Resignation
8-8--Driver Injures 2, Flees
8-8--Madison Theater Wins Approval

8-7--EXTRA!!! Commission Opposes Homeless Facility
8-7--The Salsa Must Go On! Maraca Drops Out but Odara Steps In as This Thursday’s Pier Concert Headliner
8-6--Pico Motel Owner Arrested for Pimping
8-6--Loan for Homeless Shelter Unlikely to be Repaid
8-6--Santa Monica Makes "Meanest Cities" List

8-5--Business Weighs in on Proposed Homeless Facility
8-5--Under the Stars and Over the Waves
8-4--Local Economy Shows Signs of Recovery
8-4--WHAT I SAY -- A Noisy Noise Annoys an Oyster
8-4--LETTERS: Thumbs Down for PNA Video and City Should Buy Shelter Site
8-1--Controversial Videotape Latest Weapon in Fight Against Shelter
8-1--Thursday's Twilight Dance Series Concert in Pictures

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