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August 2002

8-30--Plenty of Drama, Few Surprises for Dem Club
8-30--Court Upholds Preferential Parking Zone
8-29--EXTRA!!! Labor Group Adds O'Connor to Slate
8-29--Robbery Victim Shot on North Side
8-29--LETTERS: Blasting Faxers and 1+1=?
8-28--Outlook Bleak if Living Wage Approved, Professors Warn
8-28--District Test Scores Continue To Climb
8-28--OPINION: Putting Non-Union Hotel's "Specious Argument" to Bed

8-27--OPINION: The Perils of Red Light Cameras
8-26--Robbery Suspect Nabbed After Pursuit
8-26--Shots Reportedly Fired in Pico Neighborhood
8-26--High Grades for Deasy
8-26--WHAT I SAY: World Class City of the Self-Deluded
8-26--Blast Faxers Attacked on Two Fronts
8-26--Foundation Awards $70,000 to Local Pro-Union Groups

8-23--The Show Must Go On
8-22--Back to the Drawing Board for Main Street Project

8-22--Mansions and Rails Lead to Top Planning Post
8-21--What's in a Letter?
8-21--Suspect Booked for Rape, Attempted Murder
8-21--OPINION: Practice What You Preach
8-21--LETTERS: Join the Picnic

8-20--RAND Ushers in New Era

8-19--Not as Easy as 1, 2, 3
8-19--Dems Gives Initial Nod to O'Connor, Arnold
8-19--WHAT I SAY: Who Owes Who
8-19--LETTERS: "Go Right Ahead" and "When People Get This Mad"
8-16--LETTERS: Aranda Rejects Unsolicited Advice

8-16--MORE LETTERS: Dinolfo Decries Cynicism and It Doesn't Take a Crystal Ball

8-15--The Sounds of Silence
8-15--Museum Takes Stealth Flight
8-15--Council to Reform Homeless Food Lines

8-15--Nine Council Candidates on Ballot; SMRR Endorsed School Board Hopeful Disqualified
8-15--Council Puts Brakes on Red Light Cameras
8-15--LETTERS: "How Dare You" and "You Go Grrrl!"
8-14--Opponents Fail to Capitalize on SMRR Split
8-14--Exclusive Apothecary Opens on Montana
8-13--Council to Look for Ways to Curb Feeding Programs
8-13--Balancing the Elements
8-13--LETTERS: Unsolicited Political Advice

8-12--New Visitors Center Opens
8-12--WHAT I SAY -- It's Getting Hot in the Kitchen
8-12--BAYSIDE BUSINESS: Falling Vacancies
8-12--Nine Council Hopefuls Submit Petitions
8-9--School Board Unveils Reforms to Address Charges of Racial Profiling
8-9--EXTRA!!! Police Search Hotel for Gunmen
8-8--Aranda to Run Despite SMRR Snub
Part I: Feeding the Problem?
Part II: The Cost of Free Meals
Part III: Food for Thought

8-6--Key Downtown Project Still Not on Target
8-6--Mothers' Meeting Tackles Discrimination, Sends Mixed Signals
8-6--Smoke but no Fire
8-7--ARB Worries Sign Sends Wrong Signal
8-7--Police Arrest Suspect in Attempted Rape, Nab Sex Offender
8-7--Santa Monicans March Against Crime
8-7--Unanswered Prayers
8-5--EXTRA!!! Divided SMRR Endorses Arnold, McKeown, O'Connor for Council
8-5---WHAT I SAY -- There But For
8-2--Sales Drop Citywide, 5,000 Jobs Lost
8-2--LETTERS: Kudos on Series and Free Bee Removal
8-1--Labor Group Endorses McKeown and Arnold
8-1--Second Fatal Bus Accident in Less than a Week
8-1--Troubled Pico Corner Hit with Gunfire

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