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September 2002

9-30--Training the Spotlight on Success
EXTRA!!! Murder Suicide at City Hall
9-30--Death Threat Eviction
9-30--WHAT I SAY -- The Epidemic

9-30--LETTERS: Taxes, Wages and Endorsements
9-27--Homeowners Submit Signatures for "Freedom of Choice Initiative"
9-27--Carjacking Suspects Arrested
9-26--Dem Club Gets Bomb Threat
9-26--Council Postpones Action on Feeding, Sleeping Laws
9-26--Police Nab Transients Breaking into Cars

9-25--EXTRA!!! Dinolfo, McKeown, O'Connor Win Public Safety, Teacher Endorsements
9-25--EXCLUSIVE Candidate Can Run, but Win Could be Subject to Challenge
9-25--Political Food Fight
9-24--School Board Candidate on Ballot but Likely Out of Race
9-24--Growing Homeless Population Taxes City Services, Report Finds
9-24--Council to Consider Feeding, Sleeping Ordinances
School Board Candidate Could Be Removed from Ballot
9-23--Living Wage Campaign Kicks off with 60s Rally
9-23--WHAT I SAY: Inoperable

9-23--Former City Atty. Robert Myers Speaks Out
9-23--LETTERS: Listen to the Homeless and A Great Character
9-20--The Race to Save "The Big Tree"

9-20--Main Street Project Gets Green Light

9-20--OPINION: Living Wage Makes Good Economic Sense
9-19--Game Inventor Engages in High Stakes Legal Battle
9-19--OPINION: The Homeless Speak Out
9-18--Out of Africa: Mayor Feinstein's Account of his Trip to the U.N. Summit

9-18--Dean of City Hall Reporters Dies

9-17--Taking the Promenade to Another Level

9-17--Husband, Wife in Murder Suicide Identified

9-17--LETTERS: Shame and Frustration

9-16--Murder Suicide Victims Found Sunday
9-16--Four Arrested for Vandalizing Center Court
9-16--WHAT I SAY: That Old-Time (Civic) Religion

9-16--BAYSIDE BUSINESS: Downtown Businesses Weather Tough Times
EXTRA!!! Vandals Strike in Promenade Center Court
9-13--Signature Gatherer Charged with Violating "Information" Ordinance
9-13--Council Gives Architects ARB Majority
9-13--OPINION: Living Wage Will Bring Hotel Workers into the Light

9-12--A Letter from the East: "Americans All"
9-12--LETTERS: Soft Money Corrupts and The Union's Bottom Line
9-12--A Day of Remembrance
9-12--Cities Join to Tackle Common Issues
9-12--Civic Center Parking Structure Design Gets Green Light

9-11--Rent Board Can Control Mobile Home Leases, Court Rules
9-11--City, Owner to Hammer Out Terms to Save Unique House
9-11--Planning Commissioners Seek to Curb Lobbying

9-10--Santa Monica Remembers
9-10--The Art of the Deal
9-10--Gas Leak, Power Outage Affect Civic Center, Main Street
9-9--Major Architect's Only U.S. House Goes to Landmarks
9-9--WHAT I SAY: Up the Alley, Down the Street
9-9--OPINION: Political Correctness at its Worst
9-9--LETTERS: Loud Minority and Worrisome Taste

9-6--EXTRA!!! District, Teachers Reach Tentative Agreement
9-6--Deasy Turns Down Bonus
9-6--Chamber Forms Committee to Crack Down on Transients
9-5--Planning Commission Sends Another Appeal Back to the Drawing Board
9-5--LETTERS: Full Disclosure, One-sided
Coverage and Disinterested Voice
9-4--The Beat Goes On
9-4--Pedestrians Struck in Pico Neighborhood
9-4--Police Arrest Carjacking Suspects
9-4--LETTERS: Union Window Dressing
9-3--WHAT I SAY -- More Architecture, More French

9-3--Preaching the Living Wage

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