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November 2002

11-28--Council Tackles Preservation, Promenades Uses
11-28--Danger Lurks Behind Cork and Fork This Holiday Season
11-27--EXTRA!!! City Ties Down Museum of Flying
11-27--OPINION: Holiday Thoughts
11-26--Sierra Club Launches Campaign to Lower Emissions
11-26--OPINION: "I'm Outta Here"
11-25--Council to Explore Holding Election by Mail
11-25--WHAT I SAY: Who Takes the Low Road
11-25--OPINION: Historic Preservation -- A New Paradigm
11-25--EXTRA!!! School Board Gives Initial Nod to First Round of Cuts
11-22--Homeowners Decry "Secret" Public Meeting

11-22--Gas Leak Evacuates Two Buildings
11-21--Landmarks Commission Hammers Out Counter Initiative
11-21--Experimental Building Wins Major Award

11-20--Police Counter NBC Rape Report
11-20--OPINION: Why Housing Providers Have Again Sued the City
11-20--LETTERS: Landmarks Commission Out of Control and Where Were the Hotel Owners?
11-19--No Surprises in Council Race, Analysis Finds

11-19--OPINION: What have I learned?

11-18--Group Studies Ways to Improve Downtown
11-18--WHAT I SAY: History: There's No Escape
11-18--Sparks Fly at McCabe's When Graham Parker Makes His Debut

11-18--LETTERS: Protect Women, not Decorations and Tipping the Balance on JJ

11-15--City Violates State Housing Law, Suit Claims
11-15--Council Denies Entertainment Project
11-15--City Responds to Mock Terrorist Attack
11-15--LETTERS: Incentives for Landmarking, Thanksgiving with Martha Stewart and God Bless the Veterans
11-14--Council Postpones Inevitable Decision

11-14--Starbucks Robbed
11-14--Elderly Pedestrian Struck
11-14--LETTERS: A Lesson from Dr. Holbrook
11-14--Council Extends Lower Downtown Threshold; Exempts Affordable Housing

11-13--Council Approves More than $8 million in Projects
11-12--Brighter Days Ahead for Slumping Economy
11-12--Touring the Guides
11-12--Protecting Winter

11-11--Gearing Up for Enforcement
11-11--Downtown Merchants Gear Up for Holidays
11-11--WHAT I SAY: Happy in the Aggregate
11-11--LETTERS: Undermining Attack and SMRR Spin on Holbrook
11-8--Suspects Charged in Beach Murder

11-8--EXTRA!!! Looming Budget Cuts "Incomprehensible," School Board Says
11-8--LETTERS: People's Republic Still Part of U.S. and More of the Same

SPECIAL REPORT: Wage Battle Ends with Dashed Hopes

11-7--Familiar, Targeted and Lucky, Holbrook Wins Fourth Term
11-7--New School Board Member Likely to Take Seat Unchallenged

EXTRA!!! Status Quo Prevails
11-6--Disturbing Political Signs
11-6-LETTERS: Community Leaders Decry Sham Mailer, Sleazy Tactics and Hit Piece
11-6--OPINION: 2000 Reasons To Support the Living Wage
11-6--OPINION: Outright Falsehoods

11-5--EXTRA!!! Police Union Mailer Targets Holbrook

11-5--Parcel Tax Crucial to District's Success, Supt. Warns
11-5--LETTERS: Insulting My Candidacy and Slimed by Police

The Living Wage
The Homeless
The Community

One on One
11-4--Living Wage Battle Goes into Final Stretch
11-2--OPINION: Measure HH is "Bad Government" by Mayor Michael Feinstein
11-2--OPINION: Morally Repugnant Misrepresentation Puts Education of 12,500 Students at Risk
11-2--OPINION: The ABCs of Measure JJ: Why Educators Support the Living Wage
11-2--LETTERS: When Police Call Citizens Thieves, Twisted Political Flyers and Apparent Dangers
11-2--Letters: Professor Pollin's Junk Science and JJ Thwarts American Dream

11-1--Rubin Drops Out of Race; Name Still on Ballot
11-1--Autopsy Delayed for Body Found in Park
11-1--OPINION: "The Just Right Democratic Mayor"
11-1--LETTERS: The Living Wage -- Knock Knock, Jaw-Dropping Story and Isn't It Interesting
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