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May 2002

5-31--Lots of Work, Less Funds for Planning Department
5-31--Shots Fired in Pico Neighborhood
5-31--The Last Supper
5-31--WHAT I SAY--If You Lived Here You'd be Home by Now

5-30--Police Focus on Homeless, Downtown Traffic
5-30--Main Street Projects Headed Back to Planning Commission
5-29--Brady Won't Seek Reelection
5-29--Sleeping Man Assaulted on Promenade
5-29--Woman Assaulted on Beach
5-29--LETTERS: Butts' Letter "Disappointing," Mixed Signals and Corporate Ed
5-30--Cuts Abound for City Budget
5-30--Key Pier Site Up for Grabs
5-24--New Group Looks to Bolster Westside Economy

5-24--District Tapped for Prestigious Institute
5-24--WHAT I SAY--Squeaky Wheel Planning
5-23--City Reaches Agreement, Settlement with Troubled Cable Company
5-23--Council Takes Steps to Give Residents More Say in Downtown Building Boom

5-22--ARB Pleased with Virginia Avenue Park Plans
5-22--Pier Officials Turn Down Coke Sponsorship

5-22--Main Street Project Has No Friends on ARB
5-22--Political Subcontractor Looking for Answers
5-21--Voter Irregularities Headed to DA
5-21--O'Connor Announces Bid for Reelection
5-21--Council to Seek Greater Review of Downtown Projects

5-20--Russian-oriented Charter School Raises Questions
5-20--LETTERS: Mayor's Approach to Senior Housing "Pigheaded and Immature"
5-17--School Board Encourages End to Labor Dispute

5-17--Supt. Pays Back Salary Advance
5-17--Council Tackles New Library, Affordable Housing
5-17--WHAT I SAY--It's a Shanda
5-15--Blame Canada!
5-15--Council Okays Bus Rate Hike
5-15--LETTERS: Senior Housing, Mural Graffiti and Hotel Bashing

SPECIAL REPORT PART I -- Against the Odds: Chances for New Housing Slim for Santa Monica Seniors
PART II -- Apply and Demand: How Local Housing Providers Are Beating the Odds
5-15--Boathouse Could be Slated for Wrecking Ball

5-15--Suspect's Parents File Wrongful Death Claim Against LAPD
5-14--Union Files Charges Against Doubletree
5-14--Seal Freed, Man Jailed
5-14--Council to Free Up Housing Funds

5-13--LETTERS: Former Mayor Questions Police Chief's Assumptions and Building Insanity
5-13--MORE LETTERS: A Front Desk Union View and Sway and Sing
5-10--Westside Rental Connection Defies State
5-10--New Cable Service on Horizon for Santa Monica
5-10--WHAT I SAY--A Freeway Runs Through It
5-10--Sex Offender Caught after Speaking to Child
5-9--Park Plans Hit Snag
5-9--BAYSIDE BUSINESS--Sales Dip but Hopes Rise
5-9--Taking Care of Business
5-9--End of the Road

5-8--Target Site Projects Get Mixed Reviews
5-8--Algae Kills Area Sea Lions
5-8--Homeowners Turn to Rent Control War Vets
5-8--OPINION -- A Response to Chief Butts: "Why so nervous?"
5-8--LETTERS: Union Harassment
5-7--Robbery Suspect Nabbed in West LA

5-7--Sales Drop Citywide, Auto Dealers Help Absorb Shock
5-6--Bubble Bursts on Soda Tax, but Ban is Considered at Schools
5-6--Fire Destroys Rear House
5-6--LETTERS -- Hotel Bashing and a Pico Home
5-3--Small Fire Breaks Out in City's Largest Apartment
5-3--Early Morning Crash Leaves Man Dead
5-3--Son Pleads Not Guilty in Mother's Stabbing
5-3--WHAT I SAY--Memories of a Bad Time Not Forgot
5-2--Car Theft Investigation Turns into Drug Bust
5-2--LETTERS -- Leading Questions, Stealing Time and Home Shopping
5-1--Polls Abound in Campaign Pre-Season

5-1--Mother Stabbed by Son
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