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June 2002

6-29--School Board Trims Budget, Places $300 Parcel Tax on Ballot
6-28--EXTRA!!! Mothers Charge School District with Racisim
6-28--Boy Drowns in Pool
6-28--New Collaborative Offers Child Care
6-27--Council Debates What's in a Word
6-27--Homeowners Rally to Stop Historic Districts
6-27--SMC to Close Entrance
6-26--Mix and Funk: Promenade Task Force Sets Goals
6-26--LETTERS: Closed Session Abuses, Don't Point Fingers, Transients and a Transit Nightmare

6-25--Union Leader Vies for Seat on Tourism Board
6-25--A Different Kind of Pomp and Circumstance

6-25--LETTERS: Police no Answer, Skating and Smoking and more on Calling a Spade a Spade
6-24--Angry Merchants Call for Relief from Homeless
6-24--Transit Mall Rolls Out

6-24--No Shredding by the Sea
6-24--WHAT I SAY -- Thanks for the Ironies
6-21--Bayside Board Opposes Lower Threshold
6-21--EXTRA!!! Santa Monica Moves to Ban Smoking in Parks
6-21--Party Time

6-20--Jury Finds Santa Monican Insane in Murder Trial
6-20--Council Sets Planning Priorities
6-20--LETTERS: To Publish or not to Publish, Transit Gridlock and Policing Pico
6-19--EXTRA!!! School District Big Winner in City Budget
6-19--Justice Department Not to Pursue Discrimination Complaint Against Hotel
6-19--LETTERS: Editorial Discretion and Surprising Tone
6-18--School Board to Aim for High Stakes

6-18--LETTERS: End the Dictatorship, Save the Playhouse and Call a Spade a Spade

6-17--Suspicious Bottles Found Under Parked Car
6-17--WHAT I SAY-- A Question of Priorities
6-17--Rent Board Approves $11-a-month Hike for All Tenants
6-17--Council Tweaks Rent Control Charter Amendment
6-17--OPINION -- Lust for Power
6-13--Santa Monican Found Guilty of Murder
6-12--Council Urges Changes in Ballot Measure Language
6-12--S(parking) Passions: Council Turns Down Garage
6-12--Clergy Rally Behind Fired Loews Workers
6-11--Shuttering Another Santa Monica Institution
6-11--Council to Target Site for Parking
6-11--Steering the Big Blue Bus
6-10--EXTRA!!! Pier Director Resigns
6-10--SPECIAL REPORT -- Reaching the Threshold
6-10--BAYSIDE BUSINESS: A Bumpy Ride

6-7--WHAT I SAY -- When the Wind Blows North-North-West
6-7--Zoning Violations May Lead to Criminal Prosecution
6-6--Santa Monica Native Could Shake Up Election

6-5--City Officials Take Initial Step to Replace Santa Monica Place
6-5--Early Vote to Replace ARB Chair Stirs Debate
6-4--College Approves Purchase of New Home for Emeritus College
6-4--Leafing Through History
6-4--Twenty-Five Years On, Elvis Costello Still Has Our Number
6-4--Making Things Happen with SM Place

6-4--Proposed Pico Mural Stirs Controversy
6-3--Traffic Violations Lead to Drug Bust
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