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July 2002

7-29--WHAT I SAY--Zoned Out
7-26--Bayside Board Urges Tougher Measures to Curb Homeless Problem
7-26--Bayside Board Changes Guard, Approves Move, Discusses Transit
7-26--Big Blue Bus Crash Kills Two
7-25--Library Bankrolled but Still Unnamed
7-25--Council Approves Condo, Averts Lawsuit
7-24--Council Lowers Downtown Threshold
7-24--Council Moves to Free Up TORCA Funds, Store Shotgun House
7-23--Feinstein, Holbrook Debate VERITAS
7-23--LETTERS: "God Bless Dr. Holbrook" and Stating the Obvious

7-22--OPINION -- Broken Promises: The TORCA Loan Scandal

7-22--Education Activist Remembered
7-22--EXTRA!!! Holbrook to Seek Fourth Term
7-22--WHAT I SAY--Talking the Talk
7-20--Judge Rules Oaks Initiative Unconstitutional
7-20--Time to Beam Over the New Pubic Safety Building
7-20--Medical Building Evacuated Due to Gas Leak

7-19--EXTRA!!! Oil Giants to Clean up City's Water
7-19--A Boom, then Flames
7-18--New Pool Makes Big Splash

7-18--Feeding Controversy
7-18--LETTERS -- Creating a Buzz
7-17--Officer Pleads No Contest, Resigns
7-17--Sting Operation on Promenade
7-17--LETTERS -- Homeless and Hotel Politics and "Tragedies in the Making"
7-16--Prospective Candidates Take Initial Step
7-16--Pier Board Names Interim Head
7-16--Rape Suspect Jailed
7-16--AAMCO Manager Jailed

7-15--Planning Commission Sends Condo Back for Redesign
7-15--WHAT I SAY -- "Dolce Far Niente"
7-12--City Officials Look for Ways to Address Transient Problem
7-12--Condo Project to Go the Length
7-12--City Moves to Establish Disabilities Commission
7-11--Man Robbed at Gunpoint Near Luxury Hotels

7-11--The Politics of Naming

7-10--Council Adds Teeth to Code Enforcement
7-10--Skate Park Finally Airborne
7-10--Correction to "City Grapples with Bookstore Move"

7-10--A Jewel of a Life
7-10--BAYSIDE BUSINESS: Coming Full Cycle 7-9--City Grapples with Bookstore's Move
7-9--Stealing Home

7-8--EXTRA! Midnight Special to Leave Promenade
7-8--Demonstrators Picket BeBe
7-8--WHAT I SAY: It's the Air. Or the Water (A Letter from Italy)
7-8--Cleansing More than Streets
7-8--LETTERS: Hotel Support, Lobbying Labor and Tempted to Move
7-5--Santa Monicans Celebrate Freedom and Diversity
7-4--City Tackles Code Violation Backlog
7-4--Local Mechanic Charged with Murder

7-3--Downtown Development Sent Back for Tweaking
7-3--Clergy Launches Effort to Mobilize Congregations for Living Wage
7-2--Man Shot and Killed in Pico Neighborhood
7-2--SMRR Women's Group Snubs O'Connor
7-2--Santa Monica Beach Becomes Mass Baptismal Fount
7-1--WHAT I SAY -- Would the Real Santa Monica Please Stand Up?

7-1--LETTERS: Paul's Shortcomings, Half-tales and Inequities and Welcoming Labor

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