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January 2002

1-31--Tenant Evicted to Make Way for Required On-Site Manager
1-31--City to Get 12 New Traffic Officers
1-30--Laying the Foundation for Peace
1-29--More Email, More Debates
1-29--Landlords File Suit Against State
1-29--Councilman Threatens to Sue City over Meeting Hours
1-29--Carjacker Gets Away but Leaves Car Behind
1-28--Pico Youth & Family Center Opens
1-28--Parents, Officials Vent Frustration Over Construction Delays
1-28--LETTERS -- "SMRR-logic," Catholic Bashing" and "Diabolical Treatment"

1-25--Bayside Board Airs Construction Complaints
1-25--Manhunt in Pico Results in Two Arrests
1-25--WHAT I SAY--When More is Less
1-25--Bayside Board Picks Task Force Members
1-23--COUNCIL UPDATE: From Civic Center to Playhouse Council Gets an Earful
1-23--Council Approves Virginia Park Renovation

1-22--The Play Must Go On, Playhouse Supporters to Urge Council
1-21--Board Takes Steps to Curb Permit Students
1-21--School Board Contemplates Parcel Tax, Supports College Bond
1-21--LETTERS: Ashamed to be Catholic, Kissing A-- and Salty Jam
1-18--EXTRA!!! School District Shakeup
1-18--Woman Dies in Santa Monica Jail
1-18--Saint John's Nurses Turn Down Union
1-18--WHAT I SAY -- Civic Minded

1-17--Fire Damages Ocean Park Home
1-17--City, College, School District Share Money Woes
1-17--New Records Law Makes Public Requests Easier
1-17--LETTERS: No Sympathy for Trader Joe's and Anchovies, Anyone
1-16--EXTRA!!! Boathouse Eviction Proceeding
1-16--Teachers Union President Tours Schools
1-16--City Cashes in on AAA Ratings
1-16--Attempted Robbery Disrupts School’s Lunchtime

1-14--YMCA Unveils New Facility

1-14--Director Collapses and Dies Following Basketball Game
1-14--OPINION: Planning Chair Kelly Olsen's Take on Trader Joe's

1-11--Henna Artists Launch Effort to Erase City Ban
1-11--VERITAS Slated for November Ballot
1-11--WHAT I SAY -- Follow the Anchovies
1-10--City Approves Market Rate Housing Project Slated for Target Site

1-10--Council's Budget Priorities No Surprise
1-9--EXTRA!!! Council Halts Restaurant Conversions on Promenade
1-9--Council Gets Gloomy Economic Forecast
1-8--A Strange Twist of Fate: A New Years Day Car Crash Leads to Fugitives' Capture

1-8--City's AAA Bond Rating Reaffirmed
1-8--Council to Grapple with Saving Promenade Restaurants
1-8--LETTERS: Tickets, Flags and Soccer Fields

1-8--MORE LETTERS: Setting the Record Straight on Suit Against City
1-7--EXCLUSIVE New Trader Joe's Store Likely Dead
1-7--New Permit Procedure Prompts Backup at City Hall
1-7--LETTERS: "Chair Olsen and His Lesser Mimics" and "Fix the Flaws"
1-7--Woman Struck by Car on Wilshire
1-4--Peering into the Future of Downtown
1-4--The Art of Business
1-4--WHAT I SAY--Tourist in L.A.
1-4--BAYSIDE BUSINESS: Still Room at the Inns
1-4--The Top Downtown Stories of 2001
1-3--City Isn't the Safest or the Most Dangerous

1-3--Surveying Pico
1-3--Violent Crimes Mark First Day of New Year

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