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October 2001

10-31--More Green Space, Less Housing for Civic Center
10-31--Relief Center Organizers Say No to Hotel Donation
10-30--SPECIAL REPORT--Ousted OPCO Board Member Questions Leadership, Finances
10-29--Mayor Appointed to Regional Committee on Growth
10-29--Police Officer Struck by SUV Released from Hospital
10-29--Studying the Past to Plan for the Future: School District Holds Community-wide Assessment

10-27--EXTRA!!! Officer Run Down During Investigation
10-26--Teachers Become Students of Countering School Violence

10-26--COUNCIL WRAP UP : Council Tackles Everything from Event Codes to Budget
10-26--WHAT I SAY -- Campaign 2002? Already?

10-25--EXTRA!!!--Council Approves Fluoridation Plan

10-24--Henna Tattoo Artists Bounced from Pier, Promenade by Council
10-24--CATCHING UP ON THE MAIL: Anywhere but Santa Monica
10-23--Con Artist Busted on Promenade

10-23--Hotel Workers Call for Added Protections

EXTRA!!! Rape Victim Questions Police Investigation
10-23--EXCLUSIVE Last Call: Promenade Pioneer Shuts Down After 16 Years
10-22--Parking Task Force Approves Ambitious Plan

10-22--Barbecue Nets $29,000 for Relief Efforts
10-22--Restructuring Lease Pays Off For School District
10-22--High School Freshmen Outdo Peers
10-22--LETTERS: The C Word, Magic Solution and Fluoridation
10-19--No Magic Solutions for Strapped Bayside Merchants
10-19--Deasy Meets with District's African American Parents
10-19--WHAT I SAY--What Becomes a City Most
10-18--Angels Attic Round Two: The City Takes a Second Look at Offer

10-17--EXTRA!!! Two Market Rate Housing Projects Slated for Target Site

10-17--Observer's Quest for Official Newspaper Denied
10-16--All-but-modest Proposals for Civic Center
SPECIAL REPORT -- Behind the Headlines: Local Weeklies Vie for Distinction, Public Ads in the Wake of The Outlook's Demise

10-15--Police Training Spans Borders
10-15--Nursing Community
10-15--LETTERS: Green Party Money, Contamination, Airport Safety and Fluoridation
10-15--MORE LETTERS: Police Gym, Homeless and Housing

WHAT I SAY--Take a Deep Breath. But Don't Hold It.

10-11--Laid Off Workers Provided Relief
10-11--Council Approves Homeless Plan, Seeks Alternative Cold Weather Shelters
10-11--Big Fines Await Noisy Aircraft
10-10--Locals Give Energy Plan Thumbs Down

10-10--Santa Monica Gears up for Possible Terrorist Attacks

10-9--Public Safety Facility Tab at $63 Million
10-9--LETTERS -- Chair Olsen, Airport Noise and Lack of Housing
10-8--EXTRA!!! County Greens Ask Mayor to Turn Over Funds
10-8--District Officials Get Lessons on Preventing School Violence
10-8--T-shirt Triggers Free Speech Debate
10-8--Totally Connected? School Board Ponders Cell Phones at High Schools

10-5--SPECIAL REPORT--Downtown SM Reels from Economic Fallout
10-5--Bayside Business: Profiling Tourists

10-5--WHAT I SAY--Now, Then, Where Were We?

10-4--Judge Orders City to Hand Over Information in Pico Suit
10-4--Assembly Member Sets Up Shop at Farmers' Market

10-4--Concert Review: Matriculating with Mingus at UCLvis -- Elvis Costello and The Charles Mingus Orchestra at Royce Hall
10-4--Hoax Leads to Investigation
10-02--City Revamps Planning Process
10-02--Explaining Standards: A Letter to the Community from School Supt. John Deasy
10-01--College Plans Bond Measure to Revamp Campus

10-01--EXCLUSIVE--Convicted Officer Speaks Out
10-01--LETTERS -- Apparatchiks, Homeless, Murals and Thinking Outside the Box

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