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May 2001

5-31-2001--Hold That Order: Outdoor Dining on Transit Mall Delayed
5-31-2001--Chez Jay Hit by Armed Robbers

5-31-2001--Catching Up on the Mail: Living Wage and Playground Policy
5-30-2001--Two More School District Officials to Bid Farewell
5-30-2001--Two Landlords Settle Tenant Harassment Case
5-29-2001--School District Tackles Shrinking Budget
5-29-2001--Police Kill, Arrest Suspects in String of Armed Robberies
5-28-2001--CRIME PATROL-- Flying Bottles and Rocks Mark Third Week of May
5-25-2001--Pier Pressure: Attempts to Hammer out Performer Policy Proves Challenging
5-25-2001--WHAT I SAY -- Not So Fast, Please
5-24-2001--Original Sea Castle Tenants Get a New Lease on Beach Life
5-24-2001--Council Challenges Anti-Corruption Law
5-24-2001--Council Halts New Short Term Housing

EXTRA!!! Council Approves Historic Living Wage

5-23-2001--Parking, Circulation Top Off Civic Center Meetings

5-23-2001--Body Washes Ashore in Pacific Palisades
5-22-2001--Local Activist Found Dead
5-22-2001--Living Wage Could Devastate Downtown Economy, Bayside Board Warns

5-22-2001--LETTERS: Responding to What I Say and There Must Be Some Mistake
5-21-2001--Bomb Shelter Blast Rocks North Side
5-21-2001--Living Wage Ordinance: Filling in the Blanks
5-21-2001--New Playground Policy Raises Questions of Access for School Board; Rec & Parks Approves It
5-21-2001--Body Found on Promenade
5-21-2001--CRIME PATROL-- Assaults, Kidnapping and Robbery Mark Second Week of May
5-18-2001--City Unveils Proposed Budget; Education Advocates Say School Funding Falls Short
5-18-2001-- WHAT I SAY -- Living the Living Wage
5-18-2001--Landmark Designation Could Lead to Demolition
5-18-2001--Cats Taken into Protective Custody were not Missing Pets
5-16-2001--Saint John's Raises the Beam
5-15-2001--Group Explores Future of Civic Auditorium
5-15-2001--Passing the Buck: City Attorneys Office Warns of Business "Energy Tax" Scam
5-15-2001--Work on New Municipal Pool Takes a Dive
5-15-2001--Civic Center Group Tackles Housing
5-15-2001--CRIME PATROL-- Robberies, Assults Mark First Week of May
5-15-2001--LETTERS--School Politics, Living Wage, Madison Theater
5-11-2001--Saint John's Doctors Honored for Cancer Research
5-11-2001--WHAT I SAY -- Politics Without Power
5-10-2001--Arts & Science: Council Tackles Noise with Numbers
5-10-2001--Council Wrap-Up: Artist Spaces, Parking, Hauling and Graffiti
5-10-2001--Thoughts on Homelessness
5-10-2001--Councilman McKeown Responds to Coverage

5-9-2001--EXTRA!!!--City Contemplates Lawsuit Against Anti-political Corruption Initiative; Proponents Seek Enforcement

5-9-2001--Council Taxed by Utilities
5-9-2001--Six Companies to Receive Sustainable Quality Awards
5-9-2001--College to Celebrate a Decade of Ride Internships
5-8-2001--Transit Mall: Life in the Trenches
5-8-2001--Steele-in' the Show
NEW! 5-8-2001--Change, Change, Change
(Ed Moosbrugger's monthly downtown business column)
5-8-2001--Henna Tattoos: The Dark Side
5-7-2001--EXCLUSIVE Meet John Deasy
5-7-2001--College to Bring in Heavy Hitters
5-7-2001--CRIME PATROL -- Burglars Make Off with Jewelry, Lug Nuts, Brandy and Cash in Separate Incidents Late Last Month
5-7-2001--LETTERS: Homelessness, Transporation, Education, the Living Wage, Code Enforcement and more
5-7-2001--Hellos, Good byes for Deasy, Schmidt

5-7-2001--Samohi Released from Power Program
5-7-2001--Board Adds Parents' Recommendations to Textbook Policy; Approves Samohi Construction Contract
5-4-2001--The Homeless Take Center Stage at Community Forum
5-4-2001--Serial Robbers Hold Up Koo Koo Roo
5-4-2001--District Unions Weigh in on New Superintendent
5-4-2001-- What I Say -- Clang, Clang, Clang Goes the Trolley
5-3-2001--New Group Hopes to Tackle Citywide Issues

5-3-2001--Typos in Textbook Policy Worry Parents

5-2-2001--More than 300 High School Students Qualify for Governor's Scholarships
5-2-2001--Construction Committee Urges Board to Greenlight Funds
5-2-2001--Shots Fired but no Suspects
5-2-2001--MORE LETTERS: Going Nowhere & the Vehicularly Housed

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