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March 2001

3-30-2001--Bon Voyage Bev
3-30-2001--What I Say -- It's the Process -- Don't be Stupid
3-29-2001--Council Raises Beach Parking Rates for 2002
3-29-2001--Judge Denies Transit Mall Restraining Order; City Holds Groundbreaking
3-28-2001--Council Directs Staff to Draft Groundbreaking Living Wage Ordinance

3-28-2001--SMART Rallies Living Wage Troops
3-28-2001--Stop & Go: Group to Seek Restraining Order Hours Before Transit Mall Ceremonial Groundbreaking Begins
3-27-2001--SPECIAL REPORT Writing on the Wall

3-27-2001--MORE LETTERS (and a song): The Promenade, a Playhouse and Meter Madness
3-26-2001--Living Wage: Staff Cautious, Proponents Eager, Council Open to More Debate
3-26-2001--LETTERS: Wages, Playhouses, Books and Housing

3-23-2001--What I Say--Freedom and Dignity
3-23-2001--Guest Column--Tom Larmore's Living Wage Update: Partial transcript of the City Council Meeting of Tuesday, March 23, 2004
3-23-2001--New Computers for PAL

3-22-2001--City Seeks to Oust Playhouse Attorney

3-22-2001--Move Forward with Transit Mall, Council Directs Staff
3-22-2001--City Takes U-Turn on Transit Mall Bus Lanes
3-21-2001--Blackouts Roll Through Santa Monica
3-20-2001--Man and Woman Convicted of Murdering German Tourist Get Life Terms
3-19-2001--Appeal Court Strikes Down City's Granny Flat Law
3-19-2001--Winning Attorney Reflects on Issues Behind Appeal Court Ruling

3-19-2001--LETTERS: History, Transit Mall, Target and Tenant Harassment
3-16-2001--What I Say: Rites of Spring
3-16-2001--Candidate Pool for Superintendent Winnowed Down to Final 12
3-16-2001--School District, Teachers Union Reach Impasse
3-15-2001--Chief Butts Responds to Police Coverage: "Your bias is apparent"
3-15-2001--District Picks Co-Principals for SAMOHI
2-15-2001--Officers Plead Not Guilty to Fraud
2-14-2001--EXCLUSIVE Officer Charged with Fraud Ran Side Business
3-14-2001--Initiative Filed to Elect Mayor at Large
3-13-2001--Finance Committee Tackles School "Crisis," Outlines Way Out
3-13-2001--LETTERS: On Target, Transit Mall

3-13-2001--A Grand SMURRF: Runoff Facility Wins Award
3-12-2001--NEWS ANALYSIS
Caught by Surprise: Should Top Officials Have Known About Charges Against Officers?
3-12-2001--LETTERS: cc Mr. & Mrs. Attias
3-9-2001 Investigation that Led to Arrest of Two Police Officers Still Continues
3-9-2001--What I Say: Return to Target, A Play in Many Acts
3-8-2001--EXCLUSIVE Two Santa Monica Officers Charged with Fraud
3-8-2001-- Council Adds Main Street Parking; Adjusts Pier Rates
3-7-2001--Pro-Tenant Council Tackles Tenant Harassment

3-7-2001--Parents of Latino Students Charge Discrimination
3-7-2001--Council Speeds Up Sign Approval
3-6-2001--Landlords Call Harassment Charges Unfounded, Divisive and Political
3-6-2001--LETTERS: Tenant Harassment Smokescreen, the Power of Words and More Money for Tourism
3-5-2001--Tenants Mount Campaign to Curb Alleged Rise in Harassment
3-5-2001--Transit Mall Opponents File Suit
3-2-2001-- What I Say: Mothers and Fathers and Sons and Daughters
3-1-2001--Update: Council Mows Through Host of Issues
3-1-2001--Former Ambassador Elected to RAND Board of Trustees
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