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April 2001

4-30-2001--Woman Found Dead in Abandoned Building was Former Architect who Led Squatter's Life
4-30-2001--Police Still Searching for Amnesia Victim's Identity
4-30-2001--CRIME PATROL: Threats Mark Third Week of April
4-30-2001--LETTERS: Rapid Transit Delight, Two Kinds of Fluoride and "Move the Vehicle Now!"
4-30-2001--UCLA's Harry Smith Project a Star-Studded Distillation of American Folk Music
4-27-2001--After Six Years, Ehrler Says Goodbye to Chamber
4-27-2001--School Board Delays Decision on $3 Million Construction Shortfall
4-27-2001--What I Say: Memo to MTA Board: Be Bold, Be Bold, and Everywhere be Bold!
4-27-2001--Put Brakes on Theater Project, Council Tells College

4-25-2001--EXTRA!!! School Board Picks New Superintendent
4-25-2001--Hearing Postponed for Officers Charged with Fraud
4-25-2001--Divided Council Dives Back into Fluoridated Water Controversy
4-25-2001--Council Searches for Ways to Reform Initiative Process

4-25-2001--Council Revisits Events Policy
4-25-2001--Field of Dreams: Task Force Lays Out Visions for Civic Center
4-25-2001--Pico Neighborhood Group Picks Board, Talks Homeownership
4-24-2001--Theater Could be Staging Ground for Battle Between the City and College
4-23-2001--Too Late to Stop: Transit Mall Opponents to Dismiss Suit
4-23-2001--Parks Commission Levies Play Field User Fees on Youth Groups
4-23-2001-- CRIME PATROL: Armed Robberies Mark Second Week of April

4-23-2001--LETTERS: Homeownership, Camping and Death
4-20-2001--Still no Superintendent
4-20-2001--The Politics of Homeownership

4-20-2001--Merton E. Davies, RAND Space Pioneer, Dies at 83
4-20-2001--More Meters for Pico
4-20-2001--What I Say--4-20-2001--Death Does Not Become Us
4-19-01-- Superintendent Search Down to Final Four
4-19-01--Got Shrimp? City Negotiates with Bubba Gump for Boathouse Site
4-18-2001--Moving Plans to Salvage Historic Structure

4-18-2001--Catching Up on the Mail: Wrestling Great Remembered, Transit Mall Column Misses Mark, Unwelcomed Transients of the Housed Kind
4-17-2001--Confused Arts Commission Grapples with Income Caps for Airport Artist Spaces
4-17-2001--Undercover Stings Nab AAMCO Owner, Manager
4-16-2001--City Officials Divided Over Qualifications for Airport Artist Spaces
4-16-2001--Spurgin Resigns After 18 Years on Pier Board
4-16-2001--CRIME PATROL: Bomb Threat, Robbery, Fight Mark First Week of April
4-13-2001--Council Member O'Connor Elected to MTA Board

4-13-2001--All Tied Up: Construction Crews Turn up Rail Links to City's Past
4-13-2001--What I Say: Build it and They Will Come?

4-12-2001--Junior Police Academy Graduates First Class
4-12-2001--Council Takes Steps to Curb Short Term Rentals
4-11-2001--Council Tightens Tenant Harassment Law, Focuses on Education, Enforcement
4-11-2001--Community Corp Aims for Target Site
4-11-2001--New Principals for SMASH, Will Rogers
4-10-2001--City Seeks Ways to Test Legality of "Anti-Corruption" Initiative
4-10-2001--EXTRA: Employee Opens Fire at Airborne Express Office
4-9-2001--Buying the Bus and Then Some
4-6-2001--Woman's Body Found in Abandoned House
4-9-2001--CRIME PATROL: Two Robberies Mark Last Week of March

4-9-2001-- LETTERS: Schools, Wages and Transit
4-6-2001--Unions Rally for Child Care Workers

4-6-2001--What I Say -- Once More with Feeling
4-5-2001--Clergy Leads March for Workers Rights
4-5-2001--Levys, City Try Another Round of Settlement Talks -- With Help from Former Councilman
4-5-2001--Amnesia Victim's Identity Sought
4-4-2001--Civic Center Plan Back on Drawing Board
4-2-2001--Noise Violations Up at Airport
4-2-2001--LETTERS: Council member O'Connor Barking Up the Wrong Tree(house)
4-2-2001--MORE LETTERS: Transit Mall, Living Wage, Graffiti and Term Limits

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