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November 2000
11-30-2000--Historic Vote Makes Pacific Shore City's Second Unionized Hotel

11-30-2000--Divided Waters: Fluoride Splits Community
11-30-2000--Airport Tenants Balk at Rent Increase but Support Plan for Artists Spaces
11-30-2000--Bungalows Declared Landmark District, but Tenants Still Face Eviction
11-30-2000--What I Say Hold 'em, Al
11-29-2000--Dot Coms Take the Whole Enchilada
11-28-2000--Council Takes Up Artists' Cause; Proposals Include Buying Decimated Artist Colony and Leasing Studios at Airport
11-28-2000--Woman Killed in Car Crash in Ocean Park
11-27-2000--City Rings Up $1.77 Million Tab for DNC
11-27-2000--Supporters, Critics of Fluoridation Get Set for Showdown
11-27-2000--SPORTS: Samohi Season Ends With Home Field Playoff Defeat
MUSIC: Art Alexakis and Everclear Return Home to Santa Monica for a Free Show; Rusty’s Goes Rasta and Pick of the Week Dave Alvin at McCabe's
11-22-2000--Chamber Seeks One Manager for City's Three Business Improvement Districts
11-22-2000--What I Say Thanksgiving 2000
11-22-2000--Volunteers Needed To Help Bring Holiday to Homeless
11-22-2000--Beachfront Hotel Becomes Franchise of Marriott Chain
1-21-2000--Search Begins for New Superintendent
11-21-2000--Market Appeal: Wilshire Lures Two Major Food Outlets
11-21-2000--SPORTS: CIF Football Playoffs Are Coming To Santa Monica
11-17-2000--Music: The Westside Is Jazzed This Week Before Thanksgiving; Everything But the Girl’s Ben Watt Spins At Sugar
11-16-2000--Council, Chamber Clash on Parking
11-16-2000--What I Say Feel The Pain
11-15-2000--Council Gives Residents Greater Say in New Developments
11-15-2000--Council Saves "Poor Person's Paradise" in Happy End to Trailer Park Saga
11-15-2000--The Future of Reading Gets Boost From Hotels
11-14-2000--Deal to Buy Trailer Park Expected to End 10-year Saga
11-14-2000--Landmark Purchase Makes Simonson Dean of Auto Dealerships
11-13--2000--Target Files Appeal
11-13--2000--Two Victims Wounded in Drive-by Shooting
11-13--2000--SPORTS: Samohi Eyes School's First Football Playoff Win Since '87
11-12--2000--LETTERS: Electricity, Politics and SMRR
11-11-2000--Anti-corruption Initiative Cumbersome and Unnecessary, City Officials Contend
Friday Night Finds A ‘Zep-Off’ on the Westside; Richard Thompson is a Museum Piece
Clean Sweep for SMRR in School, College Board Races

11-09-2000--A Fine Showing for Prop. MM
11-09-2000--What I Say SMRR and Its Discontents
11-08-2000--SMRR Council Incumbents Sweep to Easy Victory; Former Councilman Katz Grabs Fourth Open Seat
11-08-2000--Hotel Backed Living Wage Initiative Routed
11-07-2000--Candidates Overwhelm Voters with Last-minute Blitz in Race for Council
11-07-2000--A Lack of Trust Led to College Endorsement Fallout
11-07-2000--SPORTS: It Looks Good For Samohi to Make Playoffs
11-06-2000--Prop Y Music to Schools' Ears
A Fine Argument
11-06-2000--CONFIDENTIAL: A Model Crime Ad, Katz Still Backed by Cops (dispelling rumors) and SMRR's Crystal Clear Prediction
11-04-2000--Hotel Campaign Spending Raises Stakes, Legal Issues
11-04-2000--What I Say Election Initiatives: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Unnecessary and the "What did you say, I can't hear you?"
11-03-2000--Initiative for Tenants to Buy Units Garners 13,000 Signatures
11-03-2000--College Gets Hand From President

11-03-2000--MUSIC: A Wide Variety of Candidates On This Week’s Musical Ballot
11-02-2000--Top DOG Picks Incumbents in Council Race
11-02-2000--Carnival Worker Arrested for Allegedly Molesting School Girl
11-02-2000--Clarification for College, School Board Candidates
11-01-2000--Record Amounts Spent on Two Council Challengers' Campaigns
11-01-2000--Independent Candidates Take Fundraising Lead in School and College Board Races
11-01-2000--Malibu Democrats Yank College Board Candidate's Endorsement

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