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September 1999

9-30--Rent Control Tenants Cannot Regain Apartments
9-30--Letters--The Solar Web
9-29--Council Blots Out Solar Web
9-28--Council Taking Treacherous Left Turn, Former Mayors Warn
9-28--Music Review--Roy Harper Offers Up A Set Suitable For 'Storytellers' At McCabe's
9-27--9-27--Assemblywoman Galanter? & Dialing for Mayor
9-24--Lions and Dragons and Dares
9-24--Nocturnal Mission--Ramlin' Jack Elliott Takes "The Long Ride" to McCabe's
9-24--Mindful Living--Hello and Shirley
9-24--New Neighborhood Group's Campaign to Block Homeless Shelter Could Reverberate Citywide
9-24--Oil Company to Continue Shelling Out for City's Drinking Water
9-24--Curtains to Finally Rise at Edgemar Complex Theater

9-22--Fridge Leak Causes Evacuation
9-22--Film Review- "Summerspell:" A Gothic Tale of Selfishness and Loyalty
9-22--Letters:Taking on Confidential
9-21--MTBE Can Be Processed by Humans, Researchers Find
9-20--Gehry Vies to Design SM Library Expansion
9-17--Elvis Sightings in Santa Monica! Better Dread than Red?
9-17--310 Overlay Scrapped
9-16--The Aero's Last Picture Show?
9-16--It's Elemental: Fire, Water, Air and Earth Featured in Cirque du Soleil's "Dralion"
9-16--Victim of Attempted Rape Rushed to Hospital
9-16--"Santa Monica Sun" Returns to Monthly Format
9-15--"It's A Done Deal": Angry Residents Confront Council Over Proposed Relocation of Homeless Facility

9-14--Neighborhood Up In Arms Over Homeless Shelter
9-14--CD Lacks...Well, Eclecticism
9-13--Painting Pico 9-17--Villaraigosa's Westside Agenda
9-13--Weekend Holdup at Santa Monica Place Lot Part of Burglary Spree
9-13--Public Alert: Possible Child Molester on the Loose
9-13--More Letters to the Editor:No Room for Santa Monica Students and The Living Rager
9-10--Head of City's Criminal Division Abruptly Resigns
9-10--City Takes Major Step to Buy Most of RAND LAND
9-10--NOCTURNAL MISSIONS:The Sound of Music Fills Santa Monica This Weekend
9-10--LETTERS: The Un-living Wage and the Planning Commission Vote
9-9--Council Blocks Parking Moratorium
9-8--Proposed Living Wage Study Sparks Rally, Heated Debate
9-8--LETTERS--The Living Wage: A Disaster in the Making
9-8--Pros: Sustainability, Liveability and the Living Wage by Michael Feinstein
9-8--Cons:Chamber's Address to the City Council by Thomas R. Larmore
9-9--Killer Gets 26 years-to-life in Missing Body Case
9-7--LETTERS-Planning Commission Vote, Promenade Prices
9-6--The Wages of Hope and Fear: An In Depth Look at the Living Wage Proposal
9-4--World's Apart: Planning Commission Vote Much More than a Ten-foot Divide
9-3--Hold the Instruments! The Bobs Are Back in Town for Another A-Capelling Performance at McCabe's
9-3--New Pico Starts to Blossom
9-2--In Confidential: The Case of the Missing "S"
9-2--Letters to the editor--Untangling the Arguments for the Solar Web
9-1--It's No Gas for Mountain View Tenants
9-1--LA Apartment Fee Setback Bolsters Local Landlords' Hopes
9-29--99_Public Alert: Burglary Spree Hits Five Homes.htm