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June 1999

6-30--Teenager's Body Was a Trophy for Satan,
Witness Says

6-30--Council Spells Relief from Construction Woes  

6-29--Police Retrace Step to Shevawn Geoghegan's Body

6-29--Violence Erupts Over Weekend: One Shot, One Stabbed

6-29--Confidential-All Aboard! Pussycat, Pussycat...

6-29--Scoop-Kitties Leap for Buddha

6-29--In Billy Jack Speaks-Clinton Mines Photo Op

6-29--Sciaticus- Does the Monster Manse

6-28--St. Monica Coach Killed in Auto Crash

6-28--Santa Monica-UCLA Unveils Plans for New $208 Million Facility

6-28--Man Stabbed Saturday Night

6-28--Alvin Takes A Ride On The Folk Side at McCabe's

6-28--Nocturnal-In Sports--Santa Monica Legion Team Provides Opportunities

6-25--Business Gives Living Wage Proposal Thumbs Down

6-25--Santa Monica's Dark Side: The Murder Trial of Shevawn Geoghegan

6-24--Local Crash Sets off Worldwide Media Attention

6-24--Sentencing Postponed for Officer Convicted in Shooting Fellow Cop

6-18--Planning Commission Approval Music to Universal's Ears

6-18--Confidential-Kudos for Jalili and a Rally for Janitors

6-17--Mindful Living-Birthday Music

6-17--Bradley -- and Jackson -- Turn Nation's Eyes to Santa Monica

6-16--Santa Monica's Homeless Youth: Who Are They? Why Are they Here? And What Can the City Do?

6-16--Judge Allows Confession in Satanic Killing

6-15--The Latest Reincarnation of 415 PCH

6-15--Trail Set for Reputed Gang Members

6-14--New Board, Resolutions for Mid City

6- 14--City To Unveil Plans for 415 PCH

6- 14--Sports- Crossroads Baseball Coach Explains Two Seasons of Turmoil

6- 12--Major Apartment Development Slated for Main Street

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6- 12--Reviews-Noises at The City Garage

6- 11--PCH Traffic Summit

6- 11--Fire Ravages Dry Cleaners

6- 11--Cop Shoots Pit Bull

  6- 11--Confidential--The Sheraton-Kuehl Correspondence and Matching Wardrobes

6- 9--City Council Seeks Ways to Bail Out Schools

6- 8-- Landlords Don't Need Rent Board Approval to Raise Rents, Superior Court Says

6- 8--SM Studios Buys Final Chunk of Real Estate, Artists Colony's Days Numbered

6- 8--Not Being There: Why Feinstein and McKeown weren't at the union rally

6-7--Union Launches Unprecedented Campaign for Living Wage

6-7--What's Going On???

6- 4--The Final Budget Study Session

6- 4--Murderer of German Tourist Faces 29 Years to Life

6- 3--School Board Miscalculates, Asks Council for Help

6- 3--Bail Reduced for Suspect in Rape of Japanese Tourist

6- 2--Record City Budget: Where the $$$ Comes From, Where the $$$ Goes

6- 2--Man Who Shot Liquor Store Owner Receives 36-year Sentence

6- 1--In Mindful Living: Samohi Pitcher's Dad an All-Star Too
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