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July 1999

7-30--Santa Monica Youth Shot by Father in First Homicide of the Year
7-30--Bad Vibrations Could Be Costly, Rent Board Tells Landlords
7-30--88-year-old Driver Strikes Pregnant Mother in Crosswalk
7-30--Eric Burdon Leads British Re-invasion of Santa Monica
7-30--What is that dog dreaming about?
7-30--Outrageous Behavior and Cowardice by UCLA Football Players
7-29--Landlords Lose Bid to Challenge Tenant Harassment Law
7-29--Missing Bloom, Food for Thought and a Mall (for) Sale?
7-29--An Outrage - A Prediction of What a Good Ol' Boy's Appeals Court will do to Take Away the Rights of a Jury
7-28--Third Suspect in Shevawn Geoghegan Killing Faces Arraignment
7-28--Outrage of the Week in Billy Jack
7-28--Political Signs-An Ode by Sciaticus
7-27--Former Mayors Tackle Thorny Issues Facing City
7-26--It's July 1954 in Santa Monica -- Hot Weather, Sailors and a Crackdown on Sexual Psychopaths -- in Time Warp
7-26--Santa Monica Offers Rewards in October Killing Spree
7-26--IN SPORTS--Price Will Coach Crossroads Girls, Including (He Hopes) Young
7-23--Planning Commission Shortens Arcade Hours
7-23--Third Suspect in Shevawn Geoghegan Killing To Be Extradited To Santa Monica
7-23--Suspects in Beach Killing of Transient Face Prison Terms
7-23--Alleged Rapist of Japanese Tourist Faces August Court Date
7-23--Public Notice--Joslyn Park Renovations to Start in Santa Monica
7-23--A Case For Song at McCabe's; Feliciano to Light Up Santa Monica's Nightlife
7-21--Council Cleans House: Street Performers, Beach Club, Appointments and Preferential Parking All Part of a Long Night's Work
7-21--Second Suspect in Shevawn Geoghegan Killing Pleads No Contest
7-21--Closed Quarters? Playland Arcade Faces Shorter Hours
7-19--City Council Gets Chance to Reshape Boards and Commissions
7-19--SPORTS--Omori Happy to be Coaching at Samohi
7-16---Solar Web Opponents Get Another Chance to Tangle Up Beach Sculpture
7-16--Dread Zeppeling Lands at 14 Below; International Music Abounds in Santa Monica This Week
7-15--Mason Found Guilty of Murdering Shevawn Geoghegan; Faces Life in Prison
7-15--Det. Linda Brown Sentenced to Prison Despite Colleagues Pleas for Mercy
7-15--Coastal Commission Approves Office Building on Abandoned Flamingo Motel Site
7-15--Public Performance: An Ode to City Council Item 8-A by Sciaticus
7-14--Performers Sing the Blues as Council Initiates Game of Musical Chairs
7-13--Virginia Park Expansion: No Gym, More Space, Less Parking
7-13--Attorney General to Look at ATM Ban
7-12--Pier Board to Turn Lease Management Over to City
7-12--PuBLIC Ź @ ^OTICE--Virginia Avenue Park Expansion Prnject Mdeting

7-q2/-It's Ź ` 0 a Serious Time for Little Leagua Baseball

7-12--In Mildf§l Living--Special * Connect)ons 7-12--Crosstalks and Ode to a Jaywalker by Sciaticus
7-10--Devil's Advocate: The Final Arguments in the Shevawn Geoghegan Murder Case
7-9--Miles to Fill the Aisles of McCABEĺS with Folk Fans
7-9--Blues Oozes all Over Santa Monica this Week
7-9--Police Seek Connection Between Hotel Suicide and Mother's Bludgeoning Death in Northern California
7-9--Friday, July 9--Killer Wanted to Silence Geoghegan, Prosecutor Says in Closing Arguments
7-9--Theater Review--SaMo Hi Succeeds in Theater Business Without Really Trying
7-8--Suspect Changes Story, Prosecution Rests Case in Geoghegan Murder Trial
7-7--City in Negotiations to Buy RAND Land
7-7--Jiggling The Playa Vista Crack & Instant Karma
7-7--Major Leaguers Express Sorrow Over Layana Death
7-7--Surf Betty-- So, I made it out ... finally!!
7-7--Dreams (of) Work: An Ode by Sciaticus
7-5--Landlord Abandoned by Attorney Gets Second Crack at Raising Rents
7-3--Billy Jack's Outrages of the Week: Massacres, Lamas, Anthrax and the Supreme Court 
7-2--SM Police Explorers Accused of Battery and Sexual Assault in Hazing Incident
7-2--The Power of Satan: "I Can’t Die," Defendant told Victim
7-1--One Minute To Kill; Credibility of Key Witness Questioned
7-1--School Board, Teachers Agree to 6% Salary Hike
7-1--Environmentalists Dealt Setback in Playa Vista War
7-1--Let 'em Eat Quiche--An ode to Item 14-A
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