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December 1999

12-30--Testing Their Resolve in the New Millenium
12-27--Year's Top Local Stories
12-30--Y2K Okay?
12-30--Don't Start the New Year Behind Bars

12-30--From Marionettes to Michael's: Ringing in the New Year With a Free Ride Home
12-30--Letters:School Funding Preferential Parking
12-29--Kidnapping on Main Street Foiled
12-29--Robber Flees Macy's with Christmas Cash
12-29--City Builds New Swimmin' Hole
12-28--Civic Center Building Gets Final Go-ahead
12-27--Surf Betty's 1999 Wrap-Up
12-27--Poet:Oh, Oh, Look What's Coming
12-27--Letter:Pico Parking
12-24--Center Stage with Santa

12-24--Pico Merchants Offer Weekend Parking
12-24--Letter:Marine Park
12-22--Danger Lurks Behind Cork and Fork This Holiday Season
12-21--New School Board President A Nuts-and-Bolts Type Guy

12-20--Officer Shot in Lover's Quarrel Earns Nearly $144,000 Without Working
12-20--Fate of Marine Park Still Unclear
12-20--Letter:What is the Santa Monica Leaders Club and other letters.
12-17--Talks Begin Over Cuts
12-17--Music:Clubland Gears Up (Slows down) For The Holidays;Options For New Year's Eve In Santa Monica
12-16--Games Not Over for Arcade's Late Nights
12-15--Empty Bungalow Becomes Neighborhood Battleground
12-15--School Play fields to Get Facelift
12-14--"Managing Expectations:" Susan McCarthy Talks About Running the City
12-14--More Letters from Parents: Save the Music.
2-13--Tom Hayden's Farwell to Politics?
12-13--Former Councilman Vazquez Launches Campaign
12-13--Letters:Save our children's music
12-10--Susan White Resigns from Planning Commission

12-10--Sign Board Bounces Ball, Ices Penguin and Sends Bear Into Hibernation
12-10--Video Game Image Triggers Protest
12-10--Santa Claus is Coming to Town
12-10--Music:Pixies and Parodies Clash at McCabe's; Civil Rights Activist Ethridge to Rock the Civic
12-10--School Music Program; 20 letters from parents
12-9--COUNCIL UPDATE: New Era for Old Montana
12-8--Unusual Appeal Sparks Debate, Divides Council
12-8--Parking Woes and Preferential Zones Continue to Grow
12-8--Signs of Merit: A Review Board Begins to Pick Which Signs Deserve to Stay
12-7--No More MTBE, Oil Company Announces
12-7--Rescue Montana Avenue, Residents To Urge Council
12-7--Dead Body Found Floating Near the Beach
1 2-6--SMRR Picks Vazquez for Assembly; Kuehl for Senate
12-6--Westside Food Bank Holds First Annual "Holiday Food & Fund Drive"
12-6--St. John's Health Center Expands Mammography Unit
12-3--Todd Hess Takes Helm at School Board
12-3--Music:This Week's Line-up at 14 Below is Above and Beyond; Red Elvises Make Pre-Millennial Appearance at Rusty's
12-02--Planning Commission Gives First Civic Center Building Go Ahead
12-02--Task Force Meets the Public
12-02--Meister Leaves BIG Legacy
12-02--Letters:Auto Repair and Kelly Olsen
12-02--Poets:"For A Few Dullards More:" An Ode to the Enrollment Shortfall
12-1--Teachers Expected to Keep Raise
12-1--Neighborhood Leader's Appeal Forces Changes to Civic Center Cornerstone
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