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August 1999

8-31--County Serves City with Cross Complaint Blaming Homeless Policies for Shevawn's Death
8-30--SMMR's Gender Problem
8-30--Odds and Ends from the Dog Days
8-28--"Evil" Strangler Sentenced to Two Life Prison Terms for Geoghegan Murder
8-28--Nocturnal Missions: Music
8-27--Small Promenade Shops Fenced in By Landlord
8-27--Miramar Buyer Agrees to Negotiate Agreement but Balks at Request to Remain Neutral on Union Vote
8-26--Bogus Agent Pleads No Contest
8-26--Do You Believe in Magic?
8-25--Chamber Opposes "Extreme" Living Wage Proposal
8-25--Union Greets New Miramar Owners with Guarded Enthusiasm
8-24--The Price of Success: The Third Street Promenade Celebrates 10 Years
8-20--Prices Still Up in New Rental Market
8-20--The Impact of   Market Rate Vacancy Increases Preliminary Report
8-23--City's First New "Artists" Housing Opens Doors
8-23--A Birthday Ode for Dorothy Parker
-20--Pico Facelift Spurs Merchants to Forge Identity
8-20--Swingin' at the Seashore this Week in Santa Monica
8-19--Vazquez Vies for Assembley Seat and A Curious Bench Debate
8-19--Regulars Smell the Roses in Reopened Palisades Park
8-19--Transients Sentenced in Beach Killing
8-18--City Council Late Night Update: Preferential Parking War Escalates, Council Divided
8-18--City Council Gives Green Light to Transit Mall
8-18--Williams Found Guilty of Murder in Missing Body Case
8-18--The Monkey's Tree Puzzle
8-16--California Greens Put Nader On Ballot
8-16--Teacher Walks to Trace Obscure Footnote
8-16--Letters--The Naming of SMRR: A Santa Monica Tale
8-15--Powerful Tenants Group Endorses Living Wage
8-15--SMRR Debates a Change of Name
8-15--Rental Summit II: "The parasites are killing the host," landlords warn city
8-15--Letters--The Solar Web
8-14--Plan to Grant Tenants Decreases for Construction Fallout Halted by Court Ruling
8-14--One of America's Most Wanted Pleads Not Guilty in Murder of Santa Monica Teen
8-14--Victim or Killer? Missing Body Case Goes to Jury
8-13--Music--Flashback Weekend
8-13--Groundbreaking for New $43.7 Million Public Safety Facility
8-13--Final Arguments Begin in the Case of the Missing Body
8-12--The Case of the Missing Body Warning: Contains graphic content
8-12--Dog Park Politics
8-12--Poets--The Old Switcheroo: An Ode to Items 13-A and 13-B by Sciaticus
8-12--Music--Dan Hicks Fires off Some Hot Licks at McCabe's; Eric Burdon is an R&B Animal Uncaged on the Pier
8-12--Surf Betty--Talking The Talk
8-11--Council Drives Stake into "Monster Mansions"
8-11--Sting Operation Shuts Down Auto Shop
8-10--Juggling Interests: An Inside Look at the New Street Performers Ordinance
8-10--Court This Week for Defendants in Three High-Profile Killings
8-10--Catching up on the Mail
8-9--New Ordinance Leaves Performers Dazed and Confused
8-6--Final Dress Rehearsal for the "Solar Web" Show(down): A Theatrical Program for the Byzantine Bureaucratic Drama
8-6--14 Below Sends in the (ROLLING) CLONES; McCabe's Ushers in Swingtime in Santa Monica with Dan Hicks
8-6--On The Beach: Ode to the "Solar Web"
8-5--Where Were the Greens During the Pico Tree Massacre?

8-4--Proposed Emergency Moratorium to Save Promenade Restaurants Would Have "Chilling" Effect, Bayside District Says
8-4--Santa Monicans March Against Crime
8-4--News Analysis: Galanter's Surprising Plan to Save Wetlands, or Save Face?
8-3--Man Accused of Killing Son Had Child Abuse Record
8-2-00--City Explores Using Transportation Funds to Relocate Homeless Center
8-2--Two Weekend Deaths in Santa Monica Parks
8-2--Actor Sean Penn Settles Suit Over Defunct Santa Monica Nightclub
LA WEEKLY--Murder in a Santa Monica Squat by Lookout staff writer Jorge Casuso
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