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City Poised to Ticket Vehicles Parked on 'Parkways' and 'Driveway Aprons'

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By Lookout Staff

October 3, 2022 -- After a 30-day warning period, the City of Santa Monica will begin ticketing vehicles on November 1 that are parked outside of a driveway or roadway, officials announced last week.

The stepped-up enforcement by the Traffic Services Division comes after an increasing number of motorists are illegally parking their vehicles on sidewalks, curbs or parkways, officials said.

Illegally parked vehicles
Cars illegally parked on parkway (left) and driveway apron (right) (Courtesy City of Santa Monica)

A “parkway” is the portion of a street other than a roadway or sidewalk and commonly sits between the sidewalk and the street curb.

It can also be located where no curb exists between the sidewalk and the roadway, which the City has reserved for landscaping and utilities.

The City ordinance also prohibits parking on the “driveway apron,” the portion of a driveway between a property line and any curb.

"It's just becoming more of an issue that impedes people from using the sidewalk," said City spokesperson Constance Farrell. "It's a matter of putting the community on notice.

"We need to leave the sidewalks for people to use," she said.

The City will issue warnings until November 1, when anyone violating the ordinance will receive a parking citation with a fine of $63, officials said.

"The City is committed to ensuring that its streets, sidewalks, and public-right-of way areas are safe, accessible, and equitably available for all residents and visitors," officials said in a statement.

For more information call 311 or email

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