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By Jorge Casuso

October 27, 2020 -- Santa Monica voters have been mailed a record 72,337 ballots for next Tuesday's presidential election, and as of Monday they had returned more than a third, according to Political Data Inc.

City Employees' Council Endorsements

The 25,903 ballots returned represent 36 percent of the ballots mailed to local voters, according to the latest numbers posted by the bipartisan company that analyzes voter data.

Phil Brock for Council

Democrats accounted for the greatest number of voters who received ballots, with 41,877. Of those, 17,807, or 43 percent, had cast their votes.

Republican voters received 8,652 ballots, of which 2,132, or 25 percent, were returned, according to the 33 year-old data firm.

Oscar de la Torre for City Council

Independents and those affiliated with other parties received 21,808 ballots and had returned 5,964, or 27 percent.

The Norwalk-based firm also provided demographic information by age and ethic group.

Of voters who have returned ballots, 7,788, or 48 percent, were 65 and older, although they were mailed the fewest ballots, 16,356.

Voters between 50 and 64 were mailed 18,181 ballots and returned 6,607, or 36 percent. Those between 35 and 49 were mailed the most ballots -- 20,002 -- and returned 6,151, or 31 percent.

The youngest voters -- those between 18 and 34 -- were mailed 17,798 and returned 5,357, or 30 percent.

Among ethnic and racial groups, White and other voters received 58,932 ballots and returned 21,669, or 37 percent, followed by Latino voters, who received 7,119 ballots and returned 1,954, or 27 percent.

Asian voters received 5,028 ballots and returned 1,893, or 38 percent, while Black voters received 1,258 ballots and returned 387, or 31 percent.

In addition to the presidential election between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, there are four local races and two local bond measures on Santa Monica's ballot.

Five City Council seats will be up for grabs next Tuesday -- four full term and one partial term, which is uncontested.

Also on the ballot are three School Board seats, three College Board seats and two seats on the Rent Control Board.

In addition, local voters will weigh in on two ballot measures -- one would boost Santa Monica's "luxury" real estate tax to help fund municipal services, the other would amend the City Charter to help diversify the municipal workforce.

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