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The Pharmaceutical Industry's Misinformation Campaign

June 28, 2016

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your coverage of the LA County Board of Supervisors failure to support an industry-funded pharmaceutical and sharps take-back program ("Santa Monica Group Says County's Decision on Syringe Policy a Setback," June 20, 2016).

The pharmaceutical industry has spread misinformation about other counties’ take-back programs not working and we would like to set the record straight. The trouble is not that these programs can’t or don’t work, it’s that industry fights their adoption tooth and nail, weakening local jurisdictions’ ability to protect their communities and the environment.

Despite these great odds Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Marin, San Luis Obispo and, just this week, Santa Barbara County all fought back and adopted pharmaceutical EPR take-back programs. We invite LA County to join us!

Jen Jackson
Toxics Reduction & Healthy Ecosystems Programs Manager
San Francisco Department of the Environment

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