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Santa Monica-Malibu School District Seeks Parents’ Critiques

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By Niki Cervantes
Staff Writer

September 1, 2015 -- Parents are being asked to critique the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District in a survey posted Monday at the district’s website.

The survey, which will close September 11, will help officials determine how satisfied parents are with the education of their youngsters and gage other issues, many related to communication, District officials said.

“The survey is intended to help the district better understand how frequently parents interact with their students’ schools, perceptions of the schools’ communication, and how welcome parents feel at school,” said Gail Pinsker, the District’s spokeswoman.

“Results will be used to continue building a powerful parent involvement and support network in the school community,” Pinsker said.

The survey poses a variety of questions, including whether parents are satisfied with the quality of their child’s education overall. Other questions focus on how parents communicate with their schools, and how often.

Parents can also weigh in on whether they feel welcome at district schools, how well they are informed of the academic progress of their children and whether they are kept in the loop on performance issues and help their children with homework.

The questionnaire also asks parents how often they engage in such activities as volunteering at their schools, participating in the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) or how often they are involved in trying to arrange for more resources for their individual schools.

Pinsker said the survey was designed and is being administered by “Insight,” an independent technology and communications firm.

Parents who have provided the district with email addresses should expect to receive emails from the district about participating in the questionnaire.

Paper copies will be available at district schools upon request, Pinsker said.

Once the survey has closed, the district will share results with parents and other stakeholders, and also explain how it plans to use the information to help boost parent involvement, Pinsker said.

“The success of our district depends on creating strong partnerships with families and community members,” Superintendent Sandra Lyon said in announcing the survey.

“With their support and involvement, we can continue to create an environment aimed at extraordinary achievement for all students.”

Parents can access the survey at

The survey also can be found in the survey section of the district’s website, at

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