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College Announces Tuition-Free Summer For High School Students

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By Hector Gonzalez
Staff Writer

May 5, 2015 -- For the first time, high school students can enroll in summer classes at Santa Monica College for credit -- at no cost to them or the college district, officials said.

In a bid to increase college attendance, Santa Monica Community College District Board of Trustees are leveraging a provision in the state Education Code that allows community colleges to waive enrollment fees for high school students, said SMC spokeswoman Grace Smith.

Since enrollment fees belong to the state in the first place, the district can waive them for high school students under the provision and still be reimbursed, she said, adding that it essentially costs the district nothing to provide the program.

“This is the first time in the recent past that the SMC Board has waived enrollment fees for high school students,” said Smith.

Qualifying students in grades eight through 11 from any high school can enroll in as many as two summer classes at SMC and skip the $46 per-class fee. Certain high school seniors also may qualify, depending on their age upon entering 12th grade, she added.

High school students who enroll at SMC for the term can earn as many as six units of college credit, said Smith.

This summer's course lineup at SMC includes more than 800 day and evening classes, both on the campus at 1900 Pico Boulevard and online.

“Waiving enrollment fees gives more students access to educational programs and opportunities and the chance to earn college credit while still in high school,” said Smith.

To attend SMC, high school students must get permission from their counselor, school principal and a parent or guardian. They must also apply for admission. Eighth-grade students who plan to enroll in a class that requires a prerequisite must undergo assessment testing.

“Starting this summer at SMC is a great way to get a head start on their freshman-year classes, said Smith.

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