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Election Winners Gain Wider Leads In Final Vote Count

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By Daniel Larios
Staff Writer

June 30, 2014 – The Los Angeles County Registrar’s office has released the final vote tally for the June 3 primary election that will be certified by County Clerk Dean Logan Monday.

The final tally – which LA County Board of Supervisors will make official Tuesday --includes vote-by-mail ballots taken to polling places, provisional ballots and write-in ballots, according to the LA County Registrar’s office.

The final results show no significant change in the races for Santa Monica’s County Supervisor, State Senate and Congressional representative.

3rd District Supervisor’s Race

The final vote count for the closely watched 3rd District Supervisor’s race puts former lawmaker Sheila Kuehl further ahead of her political rival, former Santa Monica Mayor Bobby Shriver. 

Kuehl gained 12,728 more votes since the June 5 results, coming away from the primary with a total of 56,076 votes.  Shriver gained an additional 10,978, boosting his count to 45,487 votes. 

Despite being outspent by nearly $700,000, Kuehl’s margin of victory grew by 1,750 votes, giving her a victory margin of 10,589 votes.

However, the newly counted votes were not enough for Kuehl to reach the 51 percent threshold needed to win the seat outright. As a result, Kuehl and Shriver will face off in what will likely be a costly and hotly contested run-off election in November.

26th District State Senate Race

In one of the most watched state senate races in the country, Santa Monica School Board member Ben Allen more than tripled his margin of victory over Sandra Fluke, whom he’ll be facing in November’s general election.

According to the final vote count, Allen received 7,277 additional ballots, bringing his vote total to 25,987.

Fluke, who gain national attention for testifying before Democratic lawmakers for the inclusion of contraceptives in health insurance and for being verbally attacked on the air by radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, raised her vote tally to 22,759, an increase of 4,962 votes.
The new numbers show that Allen widened his lead by 2,315 votes, giving him a 3,228 vote margin over Fluke, effectively tripling the 913 vote gap on election night.

33rd Congressional District

In the race to replace retiring U.S Congressman Henry Waxman after nearly 40 years in office, an unexpected name was the top vote getter among the 18 contenders in this month’s primary.

Republican attorney Elan Carr came out on top in the 33rd Congressional District race with 23,476 total votes, according to the final count.  Carr gained 5,572 additional votes since earlier in the month.

Democratic state senator Ted Lieu gained a spot on November’s general election ballot, garnering 20,432 votes, an increase of 4,562 votes.

Carr, who raised his margin of victory by 1,010 votes, benefited from a split Democratic vote and surprised many political observers, who expected Democrat Wendy Greuel to go up against Lieu in November.  Greuel, who last year narrowly lost her bid to become the first women elected LA mayor -- placed third with 17,988 votes.

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