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Santa Monica Council Approves Sidewalk Repairs

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By Jason Islas
Staff Writer

May 17, 2013 -- A $2.4 million contract to repair Santa Monica’s streets and sidewalks topped the consent calendar approved by the City Council Tuesday night, followed by a $234,433 contract to buy nine police motorcycles.

The contract with California-based Toro Enterprises, Inc. includes repaving streets, rebuilding sidewalks and restriping bike lanes throughout the city.

“Improvements made through the Annual Paving and Sidewalk Repair Project would maintain the City’s streets at a high functional rating level, enhance pedestrian safety, and continue implementing recommendations of the City’s Bicycle Action Plan,” staff said.

The City Council also approved a quarter million dollar contract with Civil Source, Inc. to oversee the work, scheduled to take place from June 17 to October 25.

Most of the street work will be concentrated north of Montana Avenue and east of 17th Street, according to City officials.

A map of the proposed repair areas shows that much of the work on sidewalks will take place north of Wilshire Boulevard and along Main Street, south of Pico Boulevard.

As part of the annual improvements, 11th Street -- between Pico and Wilshire -- and 17th Street -- between Michigan Avenue and Wilshire -- will get buffered bike lanes.

From San Vincente Boulevard to Washington Avenue, 14th Street will get a one-way “climbing lane” designed to give bicycles extra space when traveling uphill.

The entire length of Ashland is will get “sharrows,” symbols painted on the street to remind motorists and bicyclists alike that bicycles can use the entire lane.

Large chunks of 20th Street, 26th Street, Montana Avenue, Yale Street and Chelsea Street will also be getting sharrows.

While the contract made up the lion’s share of Tuesday’s $3.4 million consent calendar, it certainly wasn’t the City’s only expense.

In addition to purchasing the motorcycles, the City Council approved $102,762 to build a universally accessible playground by the beach, bringing the project’s price tag to just over $1 million.

Construction on the playground -- designed so that disabled children can play side-by-side with children without disabilities - - hit some “unforeseen” obstacles, including “old, buried concrete footings, wooden piles and steel structures” at the site near the city’s southern border.

The Council also approved a $221,262 contract with MuniServices to make sure that owners of private parking facilities are paying the ten percent tax on parking fees the City charges.

According to City staff, the parking facility tax generates approximately $6.2 million.

MuniServices will also audit local businesses to assure that they are paying the annual business license tax, based on their gross income.

A professional business in Santa Monica has to pay $5 for every $1,000 it makes, while a service-sector business pays $3 for every $1,000. Retail businesses pay half that.

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