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Santa Monica’s $8 Million Pier Replacement Project Underway

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By Lookout Staff

April 26, 2013 – The City began replacing a large swath of the iconic Santa Monica Pier Thursday that will make the 100-year-old structure longer lasting and more structurally sound.

The an $8.2 million project – which will take approximately one year to complete – will replace a 12,960-square-foot section of the wooden structure studies show has begun to deteriorate as a result of exposure to the elements.

The section would be “replaced with a new pier consisting of concrete piles, concrete pile caps, timber stringers, and timber decking,” according to City officials. The new materials would require less maintenance and would be more durable than the antique wood that currently supports this section.

The pier and its businesses will remain open throughout construction, which stretches from the edge of the sand to approximately 365 feet westward over the Pacific Ocean.

“Constructed in the 1920s, this section of the Pier consists of timber construction and is nearing the end of its useful life,” City officials said. “Structural analysis has shown that this section of the Pier has a limited capacity to support emergency and commercial delivery vehicles.”

The contract with California-based Meek Shea, Joint Venture includes a provision that if construction goes longer than a year the contractor will be penalized and will have to assume additional construction costs.

Meek Shea has worked with the U.S. National Parks Service, the Port of San Diego, the United States Navy and the Ventura Harbor Department.

The proposed project is the fourth phase in the Santa Monica Municipal Pier Replacement Project. The first three phases were completed between 2004 and 2007 and included the “replacement or repair of piles, stringers and deck boards on the Pier,” according to staff.

“The Santa Monica Pier serves as a popular and beloved destination not only to the citizens of Santa Monica, but also to the many out of state and international tourists who visit the pier every year,” Pier officials said.

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