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Fiber Optics and Youth Soccer Top Santa Monica City Council's Consent Calendar

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By Jason Islas
Staff Writer

April 4, 2013 -- The City Council will decide Tuesday whether to spend $550,000 to improve Santa Monica's fiber optic network and fund youth soccer camps throughout the year.

If approved, the Council would award KDC, Inc. a $400,000 contract to finish excavating and installing fiber optic infrastructure throughout the city.

The City's fiberoptic infrastructure includes a number of “dark fiber” strands -- those unused by the City -- that it has leased out to private entities.

“The City of Santa Monica has contractual obligations to dark fiber leaseholders to complete utility undergrounding and excavation for installation of fiber optic services within less than 90 days of contract execution,” staff said.

The Council will also vote on whether to award Socceropolis a $150,000 contract to run soccer camps for the 2013/2014 financial year.

Though Socceropolis employees would handle the instruction at the camps, City employees would handle registration, publicity and oversight.

The contract would last a year, with a chance to extend it another year.

Those expenses could be offset by a $19,707 settlement with El Camino Community College.

Santa Monica's Fire Department has provided the college with in-service training programs. However, the college was “unable to provide staff with training courses for the spring semester and unable to make payments on the fall semester invoice,” staff said.

As a result, El Camino Community College agreed to pay the settlement amount, 92 percent of what the City expected to receive from the College.

“This amount is equivalent to the prior years' average actual revenue received which is based on actual training hours,” staff said.

The City would have to enter into an agreement, saying it would not ask for more money for the fall semester.

The Council will also decide to allocate more than $90,000 to continue leasing the space at 1660 Lincoln Boulevard that the City uses as its print shop and mail room.

The City has found a new place for the print shop and mail room in the City Yards, but wouldn't be able to move the facilities until March 2014.

As a result, the City will continue to pay $8,240 a month for the Lincoln Boulevard space.

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