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Santa Monica Offers Surf Camp Second Permit  


By Lookout Staff

April 13, 2012 -- The contractor that offers summer surf camps and classes on Santa Monica State Beach will expand its services after four bidders failed to win City contracts.

The City Council on Tuesday voted to reject all bids received for surf camps and classes and directed staff to offer a second Independent Provider permit to Perfect Day Surf Camp.

"Staff has assessed the City’s options and believes it is no longer in the City’s best interest to contract for surf camps and classes," staff wrote in its report to council.

The additional permit will allow Perfect Day, which currently offers classes at lifeguard station 6, to also operate at stations 27 and 28 from July 1 of this year to May 31, 2013. The camp would provide the City with 20 percent of its gross revenues, which is anticipated to be about $30,000.

Perfect Day was retained after the recommended bidder, Surf Diva, Inc., said it was no longer interested in contracting with the City, staff told the council.

"After careful consideration of the other three respondents to the RFP, staff is recommending that the City not contract with any of them," council wrote.

Of the three other bidders, one had "ongoing federal tax issues" and was dissolved, and the other two "were not highly recommended by either the initial review panel or the interview panel."

The City in 2008 began limiting classes -- which drew large crowds that conflicted with swimmers and seasoned surfers -- in an effort to ease overcrowding and lower tensions on the beach.

The address the growing problem, the council unanimously voted to require that surf classes of any size be authorized by the City.

Unlike the County of Los Angeles and California State Parks, which strictly limit all surfing school activities, Santa Monica’s liberal surf instruction policies did not regulate most surfing instruction -- leading to a free for all as surfing schools compete with one-on-one instructors for profits, City officials said.


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