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Arrests Made in Brutal Beating of Santa Monica Man  

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By Lookout Staff

October 17, 2011 -- Two Arizona men were arrested Friday for allegedly beating a Santa Monica man, leaving him in critical condition.

Brian Scott Hale, 24, of Tempe, Arizona and Brett Davis, 25, of Fountain Hills, Arizona were charged with attempted murder by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department. They are being held in Arizona pending extradition and their bail has been set at $1,030,000.
Brian Scott Hale and Brett Davis.
Photo by Maricopa County Sheriff's Department

The two were captured on surveillance film after they allegedly assaulted a Santa Monica resident who was out exercising on Santa Monica Boulevard in the early hours of September 22.

The victim, who has not been identified, was brutally beaten with his hand weights. His skull was caved in causing his brain to bleed, and his jaw and back were broken, according to Arizona press reports. The victim is expected to live, but will likely suffer long-term effects.

The two suspects, who were in Santa Monica on a moving job, had been drinking at a nearby bar before the attack, according to a statement from the Maricopa Sheriff's Department. Arizona authorities told the local press that the suspects randomly picked their victim.

After the beating, the suspects allegedly fled the scene west on Santa Monica Boulevard, then north on Berkeley Street and out of sight, Santa Monica Police reported shortly after the attack.

Following a number of leads, Santa Monica Police were able to identify the two suspects. Working together, Santa Monica Police and Arizona authorities, including the Maricopa Sheriff's Department, located them and brought them in.

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