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Moms to Fly High at Pacific Park this Sunday  

By Lookout Staff

May 2, 2011 -- Mother's Day is coming up, and Pacific Park wants to lift up Santa Monica moms – literally.

They'll be treated to a free ride on the amusement park's nine-story-high iconic ferris wheel for free this Sunday.

“We hold mothers in high esteem and want to thank them for all they do in a very special way,” said Jeff Klocke, director of marketing at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier.

“While we honor mothers every day throughout the year, Mother's Day is a special opportunity to really highlight all they do and to thank them in a highly special way,” said Klocke.

All the mothers who want to enjoy the spectacular view of the Los Angeles basin and Santa Monica Bay have to do is identify themselves at the Pacific Wheel entrance and they'll receive a complimentary ride.

Seen the world over in movies and on other media platforms, the Pacific Wheel is a unique solar-powered ferris wheel featuring 160,000 energy-efficient LED lights that present dynamic, custom,

computer-generated lighting entertainment each evening. It uses 75 per cent less energy than traditional wheels that use incandescent bulbs.

The Pacific Wheel generates more than 71,000-kilowatt hours of renewable photovoltaic (PV) power from the sun’s rays. On cloudy days the Pacific Wheel is powered from conventional energy sources.

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles' only admission free amusement park, offers 12 rides, 18 midway games and an ocean-front food plaza. Signature rides include the Pacific Wheel, The West Coaster, a steel roller coaster that races 55 feet above the Santa Monica Bay, and Inkie's Air Lift Balloon Ride, the high-flying, family friendly kids ride.

For additional information and hours of operation, call (310) 260-8744 or visit


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