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Dr. Robertson's Resignation Letter

Dear Board of Trustees,

I am honored to announce that I have accepted the position of the President of the Education Commission of the States. ECS is a national education policy organization established by governors, education legislators and leaders of each state. I will be stepping down as President/Superintendent of Santa Monica College and retire Jan. 31, 2005.

For almost 10 years, it has been my privilege to serve the students of this institution. They have never disappointed me. It has been my pleasure to work with a Board of Trustees that has always thought of this institution first and their own personal political views last. Above all, I have had an incredible team of managers. Thank you for making me look good. The college has a dedicated faculty; they challenge our students to do better. The classified staff has shown a commitment to this college in carrying out their responsibilities and pride in their work -- whether it's our police and parking security officers, secretarial staff, groundskeepers, custodians, information technology staff, lab technicians or the many other employees.

It is the people of SMC that have ensured that the college has a very special place in the community. It is the people of SMC who have ensured that the college and community are one.

I will miss my time with you, but I know that the work done thus far will not be stopped. The achievements have been many. At the state level, equalization brought us stability. At the campus level, construction activity has been fast and furious. Out of the rubble of the earthquake, we created an aggressive facilities plan -- the Science Building, Library, Main Stage, new parking structure and the soon-to-be-constructed Liberal Arts Building. To manage growth and create new opportunities for our students, we opened the Academy of Entertainment & Technology, Bundy Campus and Emeritus College -- and the soon-to-be-built Madison complex.

We lobbied Washington and Sacramento successfully for grant dollars. We passed two facilities bonds. We maintained our spot as No. 1 transfer institution to the University of California and USC. We built a thriving online education program. We have responded to the needs or the regional economy and workforce by training teachers, nurses, business people, computer specialists and more. We hired more than 160 new full-time, tenure-track faculty members who make up about 45 percent of the current full-time professor ranks.

We are the best. But it takes effort and commitment to maintain this momentum. I believe the SMC community can complete the task. My husband and I have our home and we will remain residents of Santa Monica. And my heart will always be at Santa Monica College.

Piedad Robertson
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