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Shriver Celebrates Victory

By Constance Tillotson
Staff Writer

November 3 -- Long before the first precinct votes were counted, under the crystal chandeliers in the Grand Ballroom at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel, frontrunner Bobby Shriver held a private party to thank his supporters.

With balloons bearing Shriver’s signature colors of azure and dark blue crowning the ceiling, the eclectic Santa Monica crowd wrapped in everything from sparkling pashminas to “Join Arnold” baseball jackets, worked their way through delicate crab puffs and sushi, waiting their turn for a little personal time with Shriver.

The only time the crowd grew silent was when a 20-foot screen announced Florida was called for Bush.

“Bobby is the best thing about this election,” said supporter Becky Mejia. “Him winning helps me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe he will be able to make the changes this city has long time needed.”

The crowd was parted when the Secret Service suddenly swarmed the room in preparation for the arrival of Arnold and Maria Schwarzenegger.

Shriver’s sister Maria hobbled in on crutches while Governor Schwarzenegger worked the crowd.
Sporting a George Hamilton tan and crisp dark blue suit and pale pink tie, the Governor showed blood is thicker than party lines by supporting Shiver, who is a Democrat.

Schwarzenegger may be supportive now, but could this City Council seat bring Shriver one step closer as the governor’s future democratic opponent?

“I don’t know,” said Schwarzenegger. “I hope not.”

In his speech Shriver referred to the Governor’s support by imitating him with a spot-on Austrian accent.

“Arnold said, ‘Bobby I’m very happy you’re running,’” said Shriver. “Now when I get my coffee at Starbucks and people come up to me and complain I tell them that’s a local issue, complain to Bobby.”

Shriver gave a glowing thank you to his mother, Eunice Shriver, who has been in town for the past six weeks stumping for her son.

“Bobby will bring the strength of his personality to this office,” said Shriver. “He is good at being able to analyze a situation and then make a clear decision on the action he wants to take and get others to join him.”

Shriver spoke of her son’s effort in raising over a hundred million dollars to combat aids in South Africa.

“He went to Congress and was able to get not only Democrats but also the Republicans to support him,” Shriver said.

Candidate Shriver addressed the crowd with a special thanks to many individuals who where instrumental in his campaign. He also touched upon his platform, which included cleaning up Santa Monica Bay.

“We ought to be able to go swimming without getting sick,” Shriver told the crowd.

Shriver shared accounts of the “meet and greets” he had in local resident’s living rooms where he learned of some very serious issues and was surprised when many told him “no one has ever come” to listen to them before.

“Mother taught me to listen to people,” said Shriver. “To help them achieve what they want in their community.”

But Shriver stressed he cannot do it alone, that it is a community group that can instill change.

“I’ve never done anything good alone,” said Shriver.

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