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Other Living Wage Stories

3-27--LETTERS: The Lying Wage, A Ruthless Display of Power and Jerry's Pants

3-27--Businesses Launch Living Wage Offensive

3-22--Letters: Kudos and the Living Wage

3-20--SPECIAL REPORT: Living Wage Wrap-up

3-17--Businesses Submit Charter Amendment to Take Living Wage to the Voters

3-16--Business Group Set to File Living Wage Initiative

3-3--Living Wage 101: Prof. Pollin Holds Class

3-2--Local Businesses Could Bring in Major San Francisco Consultants to Fight Living Wage

1-26--City Hires Lone Bidder and Advocate to Study Living Wage

1-25--Find Research Team to Conduct Living Wage Study and Beware the Legal Pitfalls, Staff Tells Council

1-10--Living Wage Proponent Submits Only Bid to Study Issue

11-4--City Sets Framework for Living Wage Debate

9-10--LETTERS: The Un-living Wage and the Planning Commission Vote

9-10--LETTERS: The Un-living Wage and the Planning Commission Vote

9-8--Proposed Living Wage Study Sparks Rally, Heated Debate

9-8--LETTERS--The Living Wage: A Disaster in the Making

9-8--Pros: Sustainability, Liveability and the Living Wage by Michael Feinstein

9-8--Cons:Chamber's Address to the City Council by Thomas R. Larmore

9-6--The Wages of Hope and Fear: An In Depth Look at the Living Wage Proposal

8-25--Chamber Opposes "Extreme" Living Wage Proposal

8-15--Powerful Tenants Group Endorses Living Wage

6-25--Business Gives Living Wage Proposal Thumbs Down

6- 11--Confidential--The Sheraton-Kuehl Correspondence and Matching Wardrobes

6-7--Union Launches Unprecedented Campaign for Living Wage

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