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Undeserving Landmarks and Uncalled-for Rules

May 23, 2011

Dear Editor,

Everybody knows the Civic Auditorium is ugly. So is the Capitol Records building, for that matter. ("What I Say -- What Price History?" May 23, 2011) What's interesting is how some people use historical landmark laws to try to control the actions of other people...and how it sometimes comes back to bite those same people.

Mr. Gruber, is there any landmark in our fair city that is not more deserving of historical landmark designation than our airport? Maybe a shotgun shack? ...a quonset hut? ...a stucco box where people used to buy skateboards (now vacant)...a large tree on 5th Street...a Zuckey's sign on Wishire with no Zuckey's?

R. Marks

May 23, 2011

Dear Editor,

As Frank Gruber observes in his recent column, the City Manager and City Attorney clearly need to justify the need for Gwynne Pugh to step down from the Planning Commission if he is to be considered for City work.

As noted, there has been a long-standing procedure for commissioners or council members to recuse themselves when a matter that may pose a conflict comes before them. Indeed, Planning Commission meetings are even staffed with an attorney for the City who should be quite capable of advising commissioners on these matters and keeping them out of trouble.

So what prompted this new rule that will result in the loss of one of our most experienced Planning Commissioners? I think the City Council needs to weigh in on this as it certainly affects their appointments to the Commission.

Kent Strumpell

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