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Protesters Repeating Antisemitic Slogans Are Ignorant or Naive

May 20, 2024

Dear Editor,

In his May 17 letter "Antisemitism 'Wave' Is Only a Drip," Andrew Lieberman conveniently ignores the following:

Hamas controls Gaza and, unless destroyed, it is a terrorist organization that has as its goal annihilating every Jew in Israel -- to wit, from The River to the Sea.

The protesters repeating that “slogan” are endorsing that annihilation or they are breathtakingly naive. . . or just plain ignorant, neither of which is an acceptable excuse for the support of antisemitism it conveys.

Liberman also fails to address the funding of these protests -- millions of dollars of which come from organizations and persons that endorse and support the Hamas stated objectives.

If that isn’t condoning antisemitism, one wonders what it is. But, then, apologies for observable hatred always rely on the denial of objective reality.

Kip Dellinger
Santa Monica

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