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Santa Monica Should Not Give Special Treatment to Local 11

March 20, 2024

Dear Editor,

Ted Winterer's recent letter to The Lookout is full of questions ("LETTERS -- Stop Blaming the Striking Hotel Workers," March 19, 2024).

So here's one for him: Why should the City of Santa Monica prioritize a labor union that's not based in the city, over peace and quiet for local taxpayers whose lives are disrupted by the union's antics?

Unlike Winterer's questions, this one is not rhetorical and the answer is clear: Santa Monica should not give special treatment to Local 11, which has only sought to make the city a less-attractive place to live and visit.

The Council has heard frequent testimony from residents whose lives are disrupted by the union's self-serving behavior. While the union's leaders and staff can leave Santa Monica and retire to quiet neighborhoods at night to sleep comfortably, residents near targeted hotels live in constant fear of the union's irresponsible tactics and early wake-up calls.

As the American Film Market's departure demonstrates, the City Council's tolerance of union temper tantrums has meaningful financial impacts on the city's future.

We poll Santa Monica residents monthly on questions of local concern, and residents have been nearly-unanimous in their disapproval of Local 11 and its tactics ("Monthly Poll Takes Pulse on Noisy Protests, Parking Tax and Homeless Cleanup Efforts," January 3, 2024).

We congratulate Councilmembers Brock and Parra for listening to their constituents rather than Ted Winterer and the special interests at Unite Here Local 11.

Charlyce Bozzello

(Editor's note: Charlyce Bozzello is the communications director for the Center for Union Facts)


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