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Police Should Have Weekly Bike Safety Operations

November 14, 2023

Dear Editor,

Regarding the article today titled "Bicycle Safety Focus of Council Item, Police Operation," I want to applaud the City Council's and Police Department's added attention to this matter.

As a cyclist and a pedestrian, I am very much aware of increased aggressive driving patterns by automotive drivers. This will only increase with the added residential projects that are being approved in the city.

I would like to suggest that the bicycle and pedestrian operation conducted on Tuesday to focus on the most dangerous driver behaviors, including speeding and illegal turns, should become a regular operation, like once a week.

I believe these kinds of dangerous behaviors become habits for such drivers that are committing them. If there is no negative feedback, these habits become more entrenched. Having a regular police operation will only help to break these dangerous habits and encourage safer driving.

Hoping and striving for a constantly improving, more inclusive city,

Sean Youssefi


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